the dutch trade in japan

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The Dutch Trade in Japan. First European Contacts. Portuguese 1543 Introduced firearms 1549- Missionaries settle. Japanese “Seclusion”. Tokugawa Shogunate 1603 Increasing restrictions on Catholic Missionaries Persecution of Christianized Japanese Sakoku Edict of 1635 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The Dutch Trade in Japan

The Dutch Trade in JapanFirst European ContactsPortuguese1543 Introduced firearms1549- Missionaries settle

Japanese SeclusionTokugawa Shogunate 1603Increasing restrictions on Catholic MissionariesPersecution of Christianized JapaneseSakoku Edict of 1635Japanese forbidden to leaveCatholicism forbiddenEuropean Trade limited

Dutch Trade1600- Liefde, Will AdamsAttractive to Japanese Opposed to Spanish and PortugueseProtestant- helped suppress a revolt by Christian Samurai Willing to accept Japanese restrictions

Trade post on DejimaDutch limited to Isle of Dejima (outside Nagasaki) 1641Subject to intense inspectionAnnual visit to EdoVOC and personal trade

From Japan to EuropePorcelain

Lacquer work

The Japanese in the European World View

From Europe to JapanWestern PhilosophyMedicineNatural resources

In fiction:

Unanswered QuestionsHow the Middling Sorts knew about Japanese Products?How Orientalism informed images of Japan in the popular imagination?


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