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  • The Digital Photography

  • AGENDAThe Digital CameraLenses Using Digital Camera


    Why Digital ? Designed to be familiar A lot of extra features image processing No film costReview & playback give immediate feedbackGood storage media

  • THE DIGITAL CAMERATypes of Digital Camera ?The Basic Digital Camera The Mid-Range Digital CameraThe High-End Digital CameraThe Digital , Single Lens Reflex ( D-SLR ) Camera

    NOTE :What is a pixel ?

  • THE DIGITAL CAMERAHow does the camera work?The light bounces off the object and enters through a single lens and the light is reflected into a shaped piece of glass called pentaprism . Once the light enters the pentaprism it bounces around in a complicated way until it passes through the eyepiece and goes into your eye .

  • LENSES There are three types of lenses: A telephoto or zoom lens: to allow the photographer to zoom in close on a subject that is far away.

    A wide-angle lens allows the photographer to take a wide view, even in tight spaces like a small room.

    A macro lens allows the photographer to photograph a small object with close-up details


    Photo techniques1- Composition :

  • USING DIGITAL CAMERA (CONTD )Photo techniques (contd )Framing

  • USING DIGITAL CAMERA (CONTD )Photo techniques (contd )Portrait

  • USING DIGITAL CAMERA (CONTD )Photo techniques (contd )Landscape

  • USING DIGITAL CAMERA (CONTD )Photo techniques (contd )Rule of Thirds (Golden Mean ) :

  • USING DIGITAL CAMERA (CONTD )2- Shutter speedThe shutter speed determines how long the sensor is exposed to light.

  • USING DIGITAL CAMERA (CONTD )3- Depth of field The depth of field is simply how large the focused area in a photo actually is .

  • USING DIGITAL CAMERA (CONTD )4- Exposure :The amount of light that reaches your cameras sensor . Exposure ~ Aperture/Shutterspeed

  • USING DIGITAL CAMERA (CONTD )5- Sensitivity :A cameras sensitivity to light is measured in ISO and the higher the number the greater the sensitivity to light .

    Note:ISO stands for "International Standards Organization" and is a measure of light sensitivity for film.

  • HDRStep 1: Taking the photo(s)TITLE: Quick and Easy steps to take HDR Photos with any cameraTo create an HDR photo you need at least 3 differently exposed photos of the same shot. That's not as difficult as it sounds. Many cameras give you the ability to change exposures from shot to shot. Since all cameras are different you'll have to figure out how to change these exposure settings on your particular camera.

    Important: Make sure the camera does not move between shots. Use a tripod or place the camera on a stable surface,

  • Take one picture at EV 0

    2. EV -2. Take a picture.

  • HDR

    3. EV +2. Take a picture

  • HDR




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