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We are currently moving out of a period of Peak Privacy, and into an era of Peak Surveillance. Encryption and other protective capabilities previously available only to governments, the super-rich, and hackers are now more accessible to the public. Recent events like the NSA snooping scandal have pushed privacy and security issues to the forefront of mainstream consciousness. The result of these converging factors will be the emergence of the DarkNet, a new kind of Internet where large numbers of people will be able to conceal their online behavior. This talk will explore the features of the DarkNet and consider the mass adoption of hacker-like behaviors, including the use of anonymous online identities that cannot be linked to the physical identity of the person. It will also ask what this means for companies, and how they might plan for, and profit from, the coming shift using SnapChat, Silent Circle, and other apps as examples that point the way to a secure digital future


  • 1. March 9, 2014 The darknet 45 Main St. #220 Brooklyn, NY 11201 +1 718 625 4843

2. Darknet: The spaces and technologies used avoid personal identification on the internet. 3. Components of the current darknet Tor / Onion routing VPNs of all types PGP and encryption: Email, chat, whole disk, etc. Bitcoin et al: pseudonymous crypto-currencies Secure hardware environments: Linux and open source software, non Intel / AMD processors Encrypted, distributed virtual hosting (think Pirate Bay) Generally speaking: Distributed, P2P, non-centralized software infrastructure Real-world OpSec: Keeping quiet 4. The Darknet in the news. Drugs (Silk Road) Wikileaks Anonymous / Hacktivism Civil disobedience Murder / extortion for hire Weapons Personal / private information Software, botnet, or exploit marketplaces 5. So why would anybody want to be there? 6. A mill for grinding rouges honest -Jeremy Bentham 7. The decline of physical privacy. 8. Generally speaking decent people. 9. The opportunities for abuse of the panopticon are immense. 10. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. -LordActon,1887 11. Blackmail. 12. Trading on personal information. 13. Exposure of unpopular / private beliefs or activities. 14. As real world privacy disappears, digital privacy will grow. 15. The birth of digital schizophrenia. 16. SecDent 17. End-to-end encryption is just an app away. 18. Commercializing privacy. Silent Circle Anonyme Snapchat Secret Meshnet hardware / software Anonymous local area networks 19. Emerging darknet capabilities. Distributed platforms to enable contracts between anonymous SecDents Anonymous multi-signature escrow accounts to allow for bonded transactions SecDent ownership of real-world assets Anonymous, multi-hop delivery services and dropboxes 20. Encrypted communications Secure computing environment Bitcoin wallets Whole-disk encryption SecDents / handles Low-risk political and social speech 21. "The Personal is Political -Carol Hanisch 22. Defense of critical institutions and democratic processes will require adoption of darknet elements. 23. Questions 24. 45 Main St. #220 Brooklyn, NY 11201 +1 718 625 4843


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