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    For many years the enchanted lands sorrounding Algalord knew once again the real meaning of the wordpeace...

    The defeat of Akron meant the fall of the mighty army of darkness and soon Algalord, the holy town, was

    rebuilded more majestic than before. The memory of the warrior of ice and Dargor was kept in the storiesof the jesters, walking over mountains, rivers and lakes, from realm to realm, from castle to castle, to sing

    the rhapsody of the never forgotten heroes. Also our common friend Aresius had the luck to leave these

    lands in the moment of their best splendour...

    but with one regret... 'cause still one is the black book never found by the people of our world in the secret

    caves of Dar-Kunor, the heart of the hellish darklands sorrounding Hargor, where the old wizard Vankarused to teach the dark magic to his disciples and where also Dargor had started to discover the power of

    darkness, before meeting the light of wisdom.

    And that black book never found, the last of the seven written with the blood of angels, is right the one

    containing the main words of the hellish prophecy known as 'the dark secret'... a secret more evil than the

    reign of Akron itself!

    An apocalyptic collection of dark rituals that could be a threat not only for the holy Algalord, but this time

    for all the known world of men, dwarves, elves, trolls and dragons...


    This hellish threat has one precise name... Nekron...

    the 'blood sucker' as per the Nekranos demoniac alphabet... the last of the three Kron's evil sons...

    masterknight of the ancient order and first fighter of the Temple of Doom during the centuries of the

    primordial wars. He was the one who wrote those bloody rhymes of hell... possibly the last requiem for all

    the living creatures of the Earth!

    ...and it means nothing the fact he died 5000 years before 'cause some wizards can still hear the sinister

    laments of his damned soul thirsty for blood moving beyond the gates of hell...He is ready to bring us the fury of chaos once found the mystic portal between his and our dimension...


    The first of the seven Nekron's books, kept by the master wizard Etherus from Urienor, was already

    containing dramatic evil words for the people of the beloved lands! Seven were the primordial wars fought

    between the heavens and hells in the ancient were the demons, guardians of the underworld's gates, that were turned into stone at the end of the

    last war by the angels of the crystal realms, in the day of the heavens great victory... Was right at that time

    that the ancient demonknight Nekron, son of the hellgod Kron, once defeated and before being killed, wrote

    the 7 black books with the blood of the angels felt. Every book was containing parts of a terrific prophecy

    that before or later could have awaken the 7 demons.

    Once free the angels of darkness would have opened the gates of the underworld's hells and this would

    have meant the end of our known world 'cause ancestral monsters, living dead and horrible creatures would

    have raised from their torment to spread the dominion of blood and darkness, allowing Nekron to reborn

    and reign again in the name of cosmic chaos!

    Still some kings and wizards believe 'The Dark Secret' is just a terrific legend but some others, like me, are

    considering it something more than a simple jester's tale! After Akron's death many disciples of the Black

    Order, survived at the famous gargoyles' last war, started organizing secret meetings in different darklands'

    locations. Those animals were practicing the cult of evil in the name of the demonknight. Dark rituals,

    human sacrifices... and all to ask for Nekron's resurrection!

  • 8/8/2019 The Dark Secert Saga Story


    But they were not the only ones believing in the secrets of the 7th book... the fathers of our fathers already

    fought and died for those unholy pages. The power of darkness is living between those lines representing a

    constant danger for the safety of our lands...

    Akron himself, when still alive, had increased his hellish magic thanks to those dark words!

    IV. THE WHITE DRAGON'S ORDERThis is the reason why me, Iras Algor from Hor-Lad, Etherus from Urienor, Agrimor and king Uriel from

    Elgard, seven master wizards and others wise kings, elves and dragonlords of the enchanted lands, decided

    to form the White Dragon's Order with the aim of protecting the beloved lands of the known world from

    this new terrific threat. All the actions of the new legacy have to be extremely hidden and kept secret 'cause

    the people of the enchanted lands should not know anything in this moment in order of avoiding situationsof fear between our brothers if not necessary.

    The 7th book is lying somewhere under the dust of time in the caves of has to be found and

    stolen from the Black Order's disciples as soon as possible! Only one person could lead this task...Dargor,

    the shadowlord, the only person knowing perfectly the rocky labyrinth of the darklands sorrounding

    Hargor, the godforsaken town. Right Aresius, before leaving these lands, told me to search for him 'cause

    he could have revealed us important aspects regarding the Black Order's evil plans. Can we trust totally

    him? Once he was disciple of hell...But on the other hand he helped the warrior of ice to kill Akron saving our lands... Anyway... no doubt he isthe last hope and only choice possible for the members of the White Dragon's Order!


    Connected to the 'dark secret' there's the tale of Erian, the angel who discovered what Nekron, before dying,

    wrote in his black books destined to his future disciples... The legend wants that the gods of cosmic light

    gave him the possibility to write a 'white' book with his own blood containing a way to stop the

    prophecy...In the age of the red moon, 3000 years before, when the lords of the darklands won their battle

    against the army of the nordic plains the mystical Erian's book was found by the Black Order's disciples inAinor's secret halls... Those angelic rhymes, indestructible like all the ones contained in the seven black

    books because written with the blood of angels, represented a real threat for the hellish prophecy and

    Nekron's from that moment the white book was hidden somewhere and nobody knew anything anymore about it.

    Erian's book could be hidden in the same darklands or in a secret place known only by the master wizards

    of the Black Order... I have the strong sensation the 7th book could also be the key to know where the

    darklords keep the angel's secret words...

    Believe me friends... also this can be more than a simple children tale...

    The mystic prophecy of the demonknight could soon reveal itself, surely in the worst tragic way possible to

    imagine... All the power to defend our Mother Earth lies now in the depth of our conscience...

    Open your eyes to the eagle's flight,

    open your mind to the spirit's might,

    open your heart to the secret of love,

    oppose your breath to the silence of stones...

    - Iras Algor, first wizard of the White Dragon's Order

  • 8/8/2019 The Dark Secert Saga Story



    Ancient History, Myths and Legends

    Long before the Times of the Unknown in the age of mystic darkness. Kron, the master of hell, challengesthe gods of light for total domination of the known world

    Dragons' Year 0 - Tales of an incredible war, known as the first Primordial War, between Kron's demons

    and an army of angels and dragons; the fall of Kron and the creation of the Dragonlands in the middle

    regions of the worldDragons' Year 5200 - The second Primordial War between the angels and demons

    Dragons' Years 6000 to 8500 - The third, fourth, and fifth Primordial Wars

    Dragons' Year 8500 - The sixth Primordial War between the angels and demons; Nekron's victory

    Dragons' Year 9000 - Nekron's dominion over the lands of Irith, the actual Darklands; Hargor was built

    Dragons Year 9800 - Nekron becomes King of the Darklands

    Angels' Year 0 - Seventh and last Primordial War between the angels and demons; Nekron's defeat and


    Old HistoryAngels' Years 400 to 600 - The three Elvish Wars

    Angels' Years 600 to 1000 - The war for the Darklands; men and dwarves against the Black Order's army;

    Victory of hell's disciples, but the Darklands are isolated

    Angels' Years 1400 to 1450 - Western Wars between Black and White Dwarves

    Angels' Year 1700 - Wars of the Middle Lands between men and dwarves

    Angels' Year 1900 - Victory of the men over the dwarves; Harold the Wise, becomes first king of the

    ancient kingdom; corresponding to the actuals 'Enchanted Lands'

    Angels' Year 2000 - Age of the Red Moon; the Wars of the Northlands; men and elves against the BlackOrder; The Black Order 'steals' Erian's "White Book"

    Angels' Years 2200 to 2400 - War of the Southern Lands; men against men

    Angels' Year 2500 Nakros' invasion and fight with the dragons for the conquest of the Dragonland; the

    dragons win and maintain the control of their landAngels' Years 3100 to 3500 - The so called 'Centuries of Hell on Earth'; the Wars of the Southern Lands

    Angels' Year 3200 - The Ghostlands are conquered by the Army of Darkness

    Angels' Year 3500 - Cruel war of men, dragons, dwarves and elves v


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