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My presentation on the Balboa Park Commons on Wednesday, November 28 at the CUNY


  • 1. Better TogetherA Multi-institutional Digital Commons for Balboa ParkThe Commons and Digital Humanities in MuseumsThe Graduate Center, City University of New YorkNovember 28, 2012Christina DePaoloDirector of Digital Media, Balboa Park Online

2. Balboa Park Commons ProjectTo create an online library of aggregateddigital collections representing the diversecultural organization in the park.Toolset for San Diego area teachers 3. Balboa Park A Geographic Collaboration 4. Balboa Park at Sunset 5. BPOC History & Mission Founded in 2008 by the Legler BenboughFoundation, now its own 501(3)C Encourages strategic technology collaborationbetween the Balboa Park cultural organizations Execute a fundamental change in the way parkorganizations approach and use technology Help address common technology problems byproviding shared tools 6. BPOC Initiatives Professional development/training Common website platform Digitization/collection access Mobile Apps/gaming Technical services 7. The Museums: San Diego Model Railroad Museum 8. Museum of Photographic Arts 9. Japanese Friendship Garden 10. San Diego Natural History Museum 11. San Diego Museum of Air and Space 12. Why a Commons? Partners identified online collection access aprimary goal: Collections online Flickr/Flickr Commons/YouTube Within the Park internal commons Balboa Park Commons - aggregated collectionportal 13. Diversity of Collections: San Diego Museum of Natural History Library 14. Diversity of Collections: San Diego Museum of Air and Space Film Archive 15. Diversity of Collections: San Diego Museum of Art Collection Gallery 16. Diversity of Collections: World Beat Cultural Center 17. Building a Commons Infrastructure Rapid-Capture Digitization Common Collection Management Systems Data Standards DAMS 18. DigitizationThree rapid capture digitizationstations exist for photography, film,video and books.In the last three years over 250,000photographs and videos have beendigitized. 19. San Diego Air & Space Museum ArchivesMcDonnell Douglas HornetTop 10 - Flickr Commons 20. San Diego Junior TheatrePlaybooks 21. Collection AcquisitionMuseum of Photographic ArtsCurrently digitizing 22. Digitization and digital asset management Approximately 250,000 images and videodigitized by BPOC for 22museums, libraries, and archives over 3 years 430,000 total assets on BPOC servers Six different cataloging systems:EmbARK, PastPerfect, EOS, Specify, Excel, Archivists Toolkit One digital asset management system for all 23. Infrastructure: Park-Wide Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) 24. Collecting & Coordinating Data Manual extraction of multiple datasets Cleanup! Identify breakpoints Clean some more Crosswalk Ingest (and pray) Clean yet? Have a beer 25. Piction as Coordination Engine 26. Balboa Park Commons CommunityCommunity San Diego area teachers and students 27. Wireframes 28. Design Layer 29. 1st Prototype 30. Current site in development 31. Benefits Multiple collections and collection typesrepresented ability to make new discoveries Great for SEO great data Cross-collection searching is possible Each organization can participate as much oras little as they want Individual DAMS for internal assetmanagement 32. Limitations Migrating data from different databases limitsthe ability to bring in complex label ordescription fields. Distribution of finding aids and links to itemlevel records is complicated. Adherence to specific standards is loose. Very little content available to presentcontext, rich story-telling. 33. Take away 34. Thank you! 35. Benefits of Collaboration Make technology affordable and accessible toinstitutions of all sizes Improve access so the public can use themuseums rich cultural assets Increase cultural tourism Enhance organizational capabilities


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