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Coimbatore silk sarees are durable and smooth texture handloom fabrics in a wide range of traditional and artisan styles. Saris with geometric stair step on the body and bold zari border or sarees with large zari temple motif border and graphic pallu are eye-catchers. Incredibly fine designs and attractive motifs on Coimbatore Silk Sarees in a variety of pleasing colours are trending and are most suitable for festivals, like Diwali, Holi, Dushera, Pongal and such traditional occasions.


  • 1. Coimbatore Silk Sarees-Pure Silks-OnlineSarees-Sarees in IndiaThe Coimbatore silk sarees are also known as kovaisarees. This sarees come in very bright colors andsuitable for any occasion.Woman is crazy about buying new clothes onfestival occasions. The Coimbatore silk sarees isone among the fabrics which is popular.The sarees are also well known as kovai, is thebirth place of Tharakaram silks and it is the 2ndbiggest city in the state of Tamil Nadu. This place isfamous for traditional and pure silk sarees. Thesesarees are available in very bright colours usingpure silk and are preferred for their sleek look andlongsmoothness.Theadvantage isthat they areexceptional sheen and authentic border and body prints.The weaving of this Coimbatore Silk saree has got templeborder and different color plain borders on either side.This sarees has got maroon vertical stripes with mustardwoven designer pallu.The Coimbatore wedding sarees are beautiful, elegant,marvelous, pleasant and charming to the brides. Thesarees has got royal, soft and smooth look. Some of thesarees of Coimbatore are plain body with rich and heavydesigner pallu. This is suitable wear for festivals,traditional occasions, wedding ceremonies and parties.

2. The soft silk handlooms of Coimbatore saree arevery special. This sarees are available in differentcolors. The Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, India, iswell known for its traditional silk handlooms it isthe Manchester of South India. It is soft, fine anddurable weave which has captured theimagination of silk cotton sarees lovers both inIndia and abroad.This silk sarees are well known for their sheer. Thesarees of Coimbatore is famous for their quality ofsilk and dyed fabrics. The weavers of thisparticular region are amply demonstrated in theweave of the Coimbatore Sarees. They are wellknown for their comfort, vivid patterns, and brightcolours.The textile mills, big or small, showcase theweaving magic of the Coimbatore sarees in nearbyvillages of Coimbatore district. This sarees are sold in domestic markets and abroad. The qualityof the weaving is appreciated, which are evident for sale.The sarees come in very different designs andpatterns. The durability and withhold of the fabricis very good property to wear. These sarees areworn during parties, festivals, casual occasions, andcorporate wear. The sarees colours are available indifferent shades, as the person like to wear thatshade.Coimbatore sarees have strengthening and qualityof the silk fabric is good. They are coming in a wideranges of traditional and artisan styles. The sarisare available in geometric patterns stair step on thebody. The sarees also contain zari borders and largezari temple motifs on the pallu are eye-catchers.These sarees are having fine threadwork onCoimbatore silk sarees which are in a variety ofvibrant colours are trending and are suitable forfestivals, like diwali, holi, Dushera, Pongal and suchtraditional occasions. This sarees are also suitable wear for wedding ceremonies, parties andevening wear. 3. Younger generation of Hyderabad likes to wear thistype of sarees. The Coimbatore silk sarees have acut that is given a gift to the younger generations.The style carries such that it can flatter variousbody shapes and at the same time cotton saree iscomfortable enough not to emphasize areas, butone prefers to keep covered.Unnatisilks, has trendy designs, attractive patterns,in pleasing colours and combinations in its widecollection of Coimbatore cotton Sarees and salwarkameez, at very reasonable prices.Unnati is one of the largest Indian ethnic onlinewebsites with over 300 varieties of traditionalsarees and salwar kameez.Dispatch is within 24hours of order. Free delivery & COD is provided forretail.Worldwide express shipping caters to almostall countries across the world.