the coalition geo-politicizes the screen actors guild awards walked, among others, nicole kidman and

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  • The Coalition Geo-Politicizes the Screen Actors Guild Awards On the heels of the Golden Globes and Haiti telethon, two events where coalition partners got to talk face-to-face about the cauldron of wickedness

    north of the 49th Parallel and China’s contribution to that circumstance, the SAG was broadcast live on January 23, 2010. Producers, attendees, presenters and award recipients all did their part to keep the pressure on the Chinada complicit and loyal.

    [China, quantum]

    SAG Award show producers began and ended the show with the Chinada

    conflict and its bragging wickedness component in the fore of their collective

    minds. As was the case with last year’s show, it begins with several actors

    delivering what might be called the ‘I am an actor and proud of it’ speech.

    The intentionally and coalition identifying third was this: “Wow, my ‘I am DV

    Star’ meter is up eight percent in popularity this week. I’m Jeff Garlin and

    I’m an actor”.

  • British actor Jeremy Irons also delivered one; and knowing he was going to

    dressed for the geo-occasion: China.

    When the awards began to be presented, it was immediately apparent that

    the set like all the other award shows that preceded the event, was designed

    with the lexicon as a guide. The dominant themes were coalition

    identification, prison certainty and quantum ratification.

  • When Tina Fey won, she doubled up on her January contributions. It will be

    recalled she geo-politicized her red carpet interview at the Golden Globes.

    This time, and again choosing a lexicon-inspired outfit – justice – employed

    a Clooney Maneuver to “This is so exciting”; which, translated, is ‘this

    Chinada threat is so scary we’ve got to continue challenging the China-

    Canada alliance’.

  • More evidence films have been and continue to be turned into mediums of

    diplomacy was observed during clips of nominated movies. The first was

    ‘The Station’ starring Christopher Plummer. The clip chosen high profiled

    institutionalized and experimentation related torture and the isolation-

    deprivation issue. An elderly man and a twenty-something are discussing

    matters of previous sexual experiences. The former speaking of past

    encounters of the intimate kind a protracted Clooney Maneuver is added to

    the script:

    Chris: I’ve never forgotten our time together – [Cl.M.] the position of our bodies and the taste of her.

    Actor: It was a long, long time ago. Really, you mustn’t torture


    Chris: Torture? You are a virgin, aren’t you?

    The SAG Lifetime Achievement Award went to Betty White; who was a

    principal cast member of David E. Kelley’s heavily geo-politicized Boston

    Legal. She added to the diplomacy archive when speaking about the award

    presenter Sandra Bullock: “She is such a wonderful [person]. With all the

    wonderful things that have happened to her, isn’t it [Colbert M.] heartening

    to see how for a girl as plain as she is can go?”.

  • While the audience howled with laughter the seriousness of the moment

    wasn’t lost on anyone in the audience or at home who is privy to what’s

    been going on the East-West Corridor of Diplomacy. Betty was speaking of

    the elevation of the Canadian lawyer to the dungeon of daily torture through

    enslaving experimentation and turning his body into a weapon against itself

    to the pinnacle of supra-celebrity.

    During the speech, Nicole Kidman was shown to be in the audience,

    immediately triggering a Dogville punishment communiqué; as was Daniel

    Day Lewis, who’d announced his membership on January 6, 2008. Seeing

    he was about to be filmed he prepared to and did execute a combination

    ‘we’re gonna f _ _ k you up real good’ Powell - Clooney Maneuver.

  • Producers used the opportunity created by the Iraq war themed nomination

    ‘The Hurt Locker’ to as much advantage as their counterparts at the Golden

    Globes as documented in the archive entry on that event. This time one of

    the three actors who appeared to preview the movie was choreographed to

    execute a Zeta-Jones Maneuver timed to “The fourth feature film nominated

    for outstanding cast is ‘The Hurt Locker’” [Z-J M.]. Coercive diplomacy was

    the motivation here.

  • The ‘In Memoriam’ segment was turned into a protracted threat of using

    lethal military force and authorizing the ‘Iron Fist’ accountability tribunal to

    effect the death penalty. The first initiative embedded therein was following

    the scripted line “You’re an absolute vision Calamity” to a photo of a

    deceased Guild member attired in Chinada prison certainty.

    Following that was another line, this time “you can show us how much we

    agree”, followed by Canadian prison certainty to articulate the universal

    agreement amongst coalition partners of the use of incarceration to achieve

    stated objectives.

  • The line “sometimes an officer of the law – well, he just got no choice in

    some things” was followed by a Diaz Maneuver to underscore the kind of

    options there are for those on each side of the ideological fence. On the

    democracy side, there is no choice but to contain China and fix Canada; on

    the other there is no option but to capitulate to what’s been demanded or

    face the harshest of consequences.

    There was a three-in-a-row sequence, beginning with the line “he took

    advantage of me”, followed by three clips of Farrah Fawcett. The third clip

    includes a very loud Olmert-Spielberg Maneuver on a Canada color

    background. And that’s followed by a clip of three actors. With prison

    certainty (chain link fence) in the background and prison certainty in the

  • foreground, the adult actor states “Now Gertrude, there wasn’t any danger”,

    referring to the ever-morphing Chinada threat.

  • When the cast of ‘Nine’ took the stage to preview the film, onto the stage

    walked, among others, Nicole Kidman and Penelope Cruz. She executed a

    Diaz Maneuver as she took her spot on stage and added a second one to red

    flag the geo-relevance of Kate’s scripted line: “Through fantasy and memory

    Guido tries to solve the puzzle of his [D.M.] stalled artistry by using the

    influential women in his life”. This both drew attention to how twenty plus

    years were lost to advancing the secret dimensions of Canadian and Chinese

    governance and how super-celebrities and other powerful coalition women

    have been working to help him and the country that turned into a multi-

    decade hellhole.

  • The clip chosen was also geo-relevant. The scene is of Penelope and Daniel

    Day in her bedroom and just after they’ve had intimate relations. The first

    set of lexiconic colors are of Chinada to high profile the isolation-deprivation

    issue; as is the second, Canadian punishment certainty and quantum.

  • The clip chosen from Sandra Bullock’s movie was all about prison certainty

    and proved once again how much films continue to be platforms of

    diplomacy. The scripted line before seeing what awaits those who defied the

    coalition is, and with finger raised for accentuation, “Let me tell you


  • As was the case with the start of the broadcast, the last moments were also

    dedicated to advancing coalition interests and objectives. The final award

    presenter George Clooney, who the night before hosted the geo-powerful

    Haiti telethon, and who’d been advised what had been simultaneously going

    on north of the 49th Parallel on the country’s three national networks that

    bragged about perpetuating satanic cult worship, turned his few moments at

    the center of the diplomatic world into ones that won’t soon be forgotten.

    He found his inspiration from a joke cracked by Betty White during her

    acceptance speech. She got the place howling when she reminded

    everyone that having had a career in entertainment that spanned six

    decades she’s worked with many; adding “and having had a few of you”.

    George began with that topic and laced the delivery with several lexiconic

    gestures; beginning with the verbal version of the Olmert-Spielberg

    Maneuver to high profile how the world’s Jewish community has a stake in

    halting militarized enslaving human experimentation:

    Okay, I got the last one. You know [British Parlia M.] in 1987 -- I was just thinking about it – I think it was 1987 – [Stewart M., dbl-h SNL

  • M.] I did an episode of ‘The Golden Girls’. [Cowell M., Soledad M.] I would like to thank Betty White for her discretion.

    [audience laughter]

    A friend of mine told me she was a bobcat in the sake. […] She’s gonn hit me. By the way I don’t like Jeff Bridges either.



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