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  • CLX.TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS The Business Solution


    State: June 2009

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    Microsoft, Windows, Windows NT, Microsoft Dynamics and BizTalk are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation or Microsoft De-velopment Center Copenhagen ApS (MBS ApS) or of their subsidiary compa-nies in the USA and/or other countries. Microsoft Development Center Copen-hagen ApS is a subsidiary of the Microsoft Corporation. All other companies and products mentioned in this document are possibly trademarks of the respective holder of rights. These documents are neither allowed to be trans-ferred partially nor completely without prior written consent of the Microsoft Corp. by any means copied or transcribed. Microsoft Corporation disclaims any liability for errors and omissions in this document. All not specifi cally warran-ted rights remain reserved.

    Microsoft Dynamics offers fl exible business solutions for medium- and large-sized companies. It supports them and their employees with accounting and fi nance, stock-keeping and production, distribution and marketing, human ressources and other areas of operations. These business solu-tions are delivered through a network of distribution partners who provide specifi c services. Today, more than 2,300 customers in Switzerland and more than 50,000 customers world-wide already rely on integrated business solutions from Microsoft Dynamics.

    MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX Microsoft Dynamics AX is the ideal business solution for medium- and large-sized companies who want to compete internationally as well as gain a fast and effi cient competitive edge. The software combines all functions of an integrated solution, is future-oriented and relies on advanced tech-nology. Microsoft Dynamics AX gives you the freedom to run a growth-oriented business and is optimally integrated into the world of Windows. This allows you to extend your business processes quickly and easily and easy to the Internet in order to work even closer with your customers, busi-ness partners, employees and suppliers.

    INTERACTION BETWEEN OFFICE APPLICATIONS AND ERP The openness of Microsoft Dynamics business solution platforms offers another important advantage for medium-sized companies: It enables the seamless interaction between business software and familiar Offi ce applications. Communication and business processes can be interlocked so closely that the user does not have to leave his familiar working environment to satisfy his information demand from the business software. Comprehensive reports and analyses can be easily displayed and edited in the spreadsheet. Suppliers and customer data can also be integrated in the word processing.

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    We profi t from a very high data quality and have our processes under control. Looking at the bottom line, we have amortized our investment of software and services within about two years.


    The modern CLX.Transport & Logistics solution by CREALOGIX combines the specifi c demands from carriers, freight forwarders and warehouse logistics companies with the fl exible and comprehen-sive ERP-System Microsoft Dynamics AX.

    The times of isolated systems with complex, expensive interfaces are gone. With CLX.Transport & Logistics you can profi t from a modern, modular system that completely visualizes and automates your core processes.

    Fast order entry, dossier-based traffi c, billing of intermodal orders with complex tariff models, tour optimization with graphical support, internet platform services for customers and partners. These are the key words of added value for your business.

    With CREALOGIX software solutions, you free up the potential to im-prove productivity within your company and cut down your expenses. You gain speed and fl exibility in the provision of services.


    Tapping optimization potential Improving competitive position

    ACTING INSTEAD OF REACTINGThe wind is blowing harsher, Tax increase, To defy. The headlines of the trade press are saying it loud and clear: Competition is getting steeper even in the transportation and logistics industry. Cost pressure and the demands to adhere to schedules, be fl exible and react quickly are increasing.

    On the other hand, there is the growing signifi cance of logistical and logistically signifi cant services along the supply chain. The optimization of the fl ow of goods, the introduction of new busi-ness models, delivery reliability and the optimization of services are an important differentiation factor in homogeneous and global markets and often crucial for awarding of a contract and customer satisfaction.

    New market opportunities and new possibilities for growth are emerging for modern transport and logistics companies.

    TAKING ADVANTAGE OF OPPORTUNITIES EXPANDING THE MARKET POSITIONThe CREALOGIX industry solution CLX.Transport & Logistics based on ERP offers an excellent, expandable software platform to companies that want to act in the market and expand their market position.

    PRACTICAL FUNCTIONS Management of customers, partners, subsidiaries including CRM-functions Fast order entry with direct information exchange to customer and partner-systems Comprehensive tariff classifi cation and management functions incl. agreements with sub-contractor, intermodal accounting and intercompany billing Integrated warehouse logistics (3PL) with fl exible, work-fl ow-based stock processes, value added services and -invoicing

    Dispatching and planning functionality with the ability to split across several depots, geocoding, resource allocation and tour optimization Effective and capable order processing with internet and portal functions for clients, claim and fl eet management functions as well as digital delivery confi rmation Direct integration of on-board computers for the bidirectional transmission of information regarding orders, status and locations Rule-based individual and collective invoicing with contract-specifi c billing models and direct booking in fi nancial accounting Evaluation and reporting with actual, and validated data


    Zingg Transportation AG with its headquarter in Hedingen, Switzerland, has been relying on the industry solution CLX.Transport & Logistics for about four years.

    Based on the ERP-Systems Microsoft Dynamics AX, planning processes are modernized and customized ideally to the customers requirements. Thus the Zingg AG benefi ts from total independence of interfaces. The system allows dispatchers to take advantage of several kinds of planning methods depending on the type of transportation or goods, ranging from manual

    to semiautomatic to fully automated optimization. We offer maximum fl exibility and an automated exchange of data. This is a very sensitive topic especially in intermodal transports. The openness of CLX.Transport & Logistics is of extreme importance to the customers of the Zingg company such as for example the two biggest Swiss retail businesses, says Bauman-Zingg. The costs per order can be lowered in a sustainable manner. One of the next steps is to realize a capable telematics component as well as an integrated Track & Trace system.



    A future-oriented, modular industry solution Customized for all requirement profi les

    CLX.Transport & Logistics is an attractive solution for all com-panies that would like to optimize their logistics processes. The individual modules and options can be defi ned and customized according to the requirements. This way, the system installation and the goal-oriented expansion of functionalities can be tailo-red in an optimal way to synchronize your requirements.

    CARRIERS AND FREIGHTERS Record, calculate, plan and carry out your transport orders. Completed orders are billed based on arranged contracts and rates and are directly passed on to fi nancial accounting. Clients can be directly involved by several web services. Interfaces for on-board computers and route planning systems facilitate the optimization of tours. The service module and asset accounting completes the range of functions.

    FREIGHT FORWARDERSCLX.Transport & Logistics correctly displays complex offer and order confi gurations with different contractors, individual customer conditions, rates and subsidiaries and allocates these for billing in the most simple way possible. Utilizing dossier-ba-sed processing as well as claim management and Track & Trace functions you can offer your customers fi rst-class, interactive services.

    WAREHOUSE LOGISTICS COMPANIES (3PL)With CLX.Transport & Logistics you can defi ne service products with the corresponding rates. The service contracts can be defi ned and standardized in terms of warehouse processes. This results in a greater degree of transparency and simplicity for complex in- and outbound processes. The warehouse resour-

    ces can be planned, allocated and tied to existing automation systems. Thanks to the ERP-connection, all information fl ows into capable invoice processing and are available for signifi cant analysis and statistics.

    CONTRACT LOGISTICSContract logistics companies can comfortably administrate all their contracts with corresponding data and information in the well-arranged system.


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