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The Burlingame

Lions Club District 4-C4

The Roar of the PrideThe Roar of the PrideThe Roar of the Pride

Club Officers

Kwang Park President

Kevin Kielty First VP

Brad Floyd Secretary

Nancy Ingram Treasurer

Nirmala Bandrapalli IPP

Don Stanaway, PDG Tail Twister

Pat Kinsella Lion Tamer

Erik Winkler Membership

One Year Directors

Alice Castillo

Ken Ingram

Two Year Directors

Tsui Ling Hyland

Jack Van Etten, PDG

Carlus Blevins

June 15, 2018 Fellow Lions:

I am proud and thankful to have served as your Lions President this past

year. It has given me a greater appreciation of each of our members and the

Lions organization. For an organization that boasts a vast 1.4 million plus

members, our Club feels like home and a small family. Being a Lions presi-

dent is a humbling experience as you learn about the past and present dedi-

cation of our members and the rich history of the Burlingame Lions Club.

Thanks to each member for your hard work, time, donations, and car-

ing. Thanks to those who have continued to carry the torch for all the tradi-

tional projects. Thanks to those who found time to add new service pro-

jects. Thanks to our current and new members who made it all possible. I am

thankful for all the guests, speakers, other Lions Clubs, and community or-

ganizations that joined or volunteered with the Burlingame Lions Club.

I have been in Pennsylvania on vacation this past week. From the local Penn-

sylvania museum where Lions helped restore our nations history to the Li-

ons of PA on the local news this week being recognized for being instrumen-

tal in helping a five year old child be cancer free. Lionism is ubiquitous in

CA, PA, and the rest of the world. Our lives, our communities, and our world

is a better place due to Lionism.

Although Lions are known to help aid the blind see with their eyes, the great-

er impact has been the Lions' ability to help those who have perfect sight to

see with their hearts the pressing community needs around them. Not only

do Lions make their communities a better place but Lionism makes each of

us a better person. May each of you continue to grow in Lionism and mature

in heart and caring. Thank you for being a bright light in our hearts and

community. Thank you for the opportunity to be your president.

Warmest regards,

Lion Kwang Park

Signing Off

This is the last Bulletin for this editorial team. Special thanks to Lion Dale Schmidt for

proof reading each issue, and to Lion Erik Winkler for being our official photographer.

Best of luck to the incoming Bulletin editor.

The Roar of the PrideThe Roar of the PrideThe Roar of the Pride

The Burlingame Lions Club Installation of Officers

The Slate of Officers for 2018-19 will be installed on Sunday, June 24,

2018 at the Lions Hall. Lion Kevin Kielty leads his slate of officers

into the leadership role of the Club. This is a wonderful opportunity

for all of us to show their support for the Burlingame Lions Club and

the members who stepped up to lead it. The party kicks off at 5:00 pm

and the tariff for the evening is $35.00. See the flier for details. Join the Kielty Klan for an evening of fellowship.

Installation of Lion Erik Winkler as the President of the

Peninsula Council of Lions Clubs

Lion Erik Winkler will be installed as President of the PCL on Sunday, August 12, 2018 at

the Basque Cultural Center in South San Francisco. Details of the evening are still being

determined but save the date on your calendar to come and support Lion Winkler.

Also being installed are the following:

1st VP: Lion Martha Sandy of the Foster City Lions Club

2nd VP: Lion Deb Kielty of tbe BASO Lions Club

Secretary: Lion Tamera Guess of the Peninsula Veterans Lions Club

Treasurer: Lion Nick Marinaro of the Palo Alto Lions Club

IPP: Lion Maryah Tucker of the BASO Lions Club

Lion Erik would love your support at this function.

More details will follow.

Save the Dates

Jun 25, 2018: PCL Gathering at the Lions Hall. (see flier) Aug 10, 2018: District 4-C4 Cabinet Installation. (details to follow)

The Roar of the PrideThe Roar of the PrideThe Roar of the Pride

Hall opening day: 1981

The Birth of the Lions Hall After years of meeting at places like Bobs On Broadway and the Sheraton,

the Club was looking for a place to call home. A group of Lions, with an eye

to the future, contacted the City of Burlingame about an empty building in

Washington Park. This building that we now call the Lions Hall, is an im-

portant part of this citys history. From 1912 until 1930, it served as the

first library in Burlingame. It resided at the corner of Primrose Road and

Bellevue Avenue, and was moved to Washington Park when the new library

was built. It was the meeting place for American Legion Post No. 163. until

1976, when it was closed due to safety issues. After much discussion and

negotiation, we were granted a long term lease for the building, as long as

we maintained it in good shape. Lions from all around the District donated

services and materials for its upgrade and repair.

The Lions Hall that we now enjoy is a far

cry from when we first found our home.

The Lions Hall is truly our Lions Pride.

Melvin Jones: Some Interesting Facts ...and were not LION

Melvin Jones father was a Captain in the United States Army. Captain

Calvin Jones was commander of a troop of scouts at Fort Thomas. He was

involved in the Indian wars until 1886. Melvin Jones was born at Fort

Thomas on January 13, 1879.

Melvin Jones might not have been the famous one in the family. Rose

Amanda Freeman, who became his wife was an accomplished golfer. She

won the National Womans Open Golf title at Pinehurst, No. Carolina in

1925. Melvin jokingly said, I was perhaps the first golf widower on record.

Another path: Jones initially wanted to become a lawyer or a tenor. He

was an accomplished singer in his youth, which made him popular in

school. After a move to Chicago and employment in the insurance agency of

Johnson and Higgins, his career path was set and the Lions Clubs would

soon follow.

We might have been The Wheels: In 1917, Jones invited delegates from

twenty-seven organizations to join forces under one name to provide service

for their communities. Delegates came from the Optimists, the Reciprocity

Clubs, the Wheels, the Concordia Club of Omaha...and others. Amongst the

groups were the Lions of Indiana. Melvin liked the Lions because he

thought that they stood for courage, strength, fidelity and vital action.

With a little campaigning and arm twisting, he was able to get the others to

agree on the Lions designation. The only group that decided not to join the

collective group were the Optimists.

A Chicago landmark: Melvin Jones was most proud of the opening of the

Lions International Office on Michigan Avenue in Chicago in 1953.

The Road Ends: After several strokes, Melvin Jones passed away in 1961.

The Jones Philosophy: You cant get very far until you start doing some-

thing for somebody else. In a few words, We Serve

The Roar of the PrideThe Roar of the PrideThe Roar of the Pride

Upcoming Events

June 30, 2018: The Kite Festival at Coyote Point: lunch service

July 28, 2018: Cars-in-the-Park: Washington Park

Sept 3, 2018: The Spirit Run: BCE event: pancake breakfast

TBA: The Chili Cook-off for MD: Central Park, San Mateo

Lions Club International Convention in Vegas

The 101st annual Lions Club International convention will be held in Las Vegas from

June 29-July 3, 2018. This is a wonderful way to learn more about the Lions Club and to

meet fellow Lions from all around the world.

The current International President, Naresh Aggarwal, will hand over the reins of leader-

ship to the new President. The current officers are 1st VP Lion Gudrun Bjort Yngvadot-

tir, from Iceland; 2nd VP Lion Jung-Yul Choi, from Korea; 3rd VP Lion Haynes Townsend

from the United States, and IPP Robert Corlew, from the United States.

This is a great way to immerse yourself into the world of Lionism. See fliers for details.

Three More for the Road

A man lives on the tenth floor of a building. Every day, he takes the elevator to the first

floor to go to work or to go shopping. When he returns, he always takes the elevator to the

seventh floor and then walks the remaining flights of stairs to his apartment on the tenth

floor. Why does he do this?

Five pieces of coal, a carrot, and a scarf are lying on the lawn. Nobody put them on the

lawn, but there is a perfectly logical reason for their being there. What is it?

A man walked into a bar and asked the barman for a glass of water. They had never met

before. The barman pulled out a gun from under the counter and pointed it at t


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