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  • Tashi delek from everyone at The Bridge Fund (TBF). Thank you for helping TBF to continue our work with Tibetan nomad communities in all

    areas of the Tibetan Plateau.

    The work is incredibly significant as it makes it possible for Tibetan communities to educate their children, improve the quality of Tibetan language education, publish books in Tibetan, develop and grow businesses, gain job skills, improve healthcare, preserve living and traditional culture

    and protect their wild animals and lands.

    Our programs are making real progress toward reducing poverty in the most vulnerable communities on the Tibetan Plateau and growing community assets to promote a stronger regional economy. Thank you for

    being part of our meaningful program.

  • 2009-2010A N N U A L R E P O R T


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    Table of Contents3 The Bridge Fund

    6 Approach Strategies for Sustainability

    1 3 Cooperation Improving Livelihoods

    1 6 Optimism Business Development

    2 0 Knowledge Education

    2 2 Compassion Healthcare

    2 4 Respect Cultural Preservation

    2 6 Stewardship Environmental Conservation

    2 8 Revitalization Supporting Yushu

    3 0 The Bridge Our Team

    3 4 Appreciation Acknowledgements

    3 6 Support Our Donors & Financial Information

    4 0 Generosity Giving & Connecting

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    A B O U T The Bridge Fund (TBF) of The Philanthropic Collaborative / Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors was established as a not-for-profit organization in 1996 with inspiration and support from Tibetans and Tibetan communities.

    M I S S I O N Promote sustainable economic development, cultural heritage preservation and environmental conservation on the Tibetan Plateau.

    V I S I O N Our vision for every Tibetan living in China, down to the most remote nomad, is inclusion in a thriving community grounded in respect for Tibetan culture and values.

    W H E R E TBF works in the highest and most difficult places on the Plateau where needs are greatest. Currently, TBF is the only organization working in all areas of the Tibetan Plateau, which delivers both financial and technical support and services for integrated healthcare, education, environmental protection, sustainable development and culture heritage programs. Our core integrated development programs are centered in 4 nomadic regions in some of the most remote and underserved parts of the world. The average altitude of our project sites is 14,000 feet.

    Cirlce of Blue

    The Bridge Fund

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    Location Map


    ? Tsering Wangyal Shawa, 2011






    TAP = Tibetan Autonomous PrefectureTAC = Tibetan Autonomous County

    Ngari Prefecture

    Nepal Bhutan

    Myanmar (Burma)

    Tsoshar TAP

    Tsojang TAP

    Xining Parey TAC

    Malho TAP

    Tsolho TAP

    Kanlho TAP

    Ngawa TAP

    Karze TAP

    Yushul TAPTsonub TAP

    Nagchu Prefecture

    Shigatse Prefecture

    Lhoka Prefecture

    Nyingtri PrefectureLhasa

    Chamdo Prefecture

    Tsonub TAP


    Golog TAP

    Milli TAC

    Dechen TAP






    M O U N T A I N R AN G


    India Bangladesh




    Kazakhstan Mongolia



    0 200 400 KILOMETERS




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    Ma Chu

    Dri ChuDri Chu

    Dza Chu


    Gyamo Ngulchu


    ! Overarching programs (trainings, scholarships, NGO & CSO activities)

    ! Health! Education

    ! Community Development! Cultural Heritage ! Environment # The Bridge Fund Offices " Capitol

    T H E B R I D G E F U N D S P R O J E C T S I T E S

    I M P A C T TBF monitors and evaluates our program activities using indicators so we can collect data on how many people benefit directly from TBF programs and measure outcomes. During the past 7 years, The Bridge Fund has directly benefitted an estimated 754,928 Tibetans.

    TBF supported 38 projects in 2009 and 46 projects in 2010.

  • ApproachStrategies for Sustainability

  • TThe primary goal of The Bridge Funds program is to preserve cultural traditions and promote sustainable development and environmental conservation in Tibetan communities in China.TBF has a solid track record of implementing high impact innovative programs in all areas of the Tibetan Plateau region and is now focusing on scaling up and replicating successful programs, creating new models with input from key stakeholders and strengthening the capacity of staff and partners to improve quality and sustainability.

    ! Working in partnership with local communities to ensure sustainable, lasting change.

    ! Ensuring that our programs equally benefit women and men and that children and elderly are given special consideration.

    ! Replicating and growing programs that work in the Tibetan context. ! Respecting local conditions, environment and culture.! Promoting partnerships and alliances with NGOs, foundations,

    and corporations to maximize resources.

    S T R A T E G I E S

    TBF supports projects based on the following criteria:! Poverty / need / disadvantaged populations! Low levels of GDP and high levels of inequality ! Lack of access to other development resources! Our teams capacity to implement and monitor effectively! Strong local partner leadership and capability! Strong local community enthusiasm for a project or projects! Approval by relevant authorities and stakeholders! Potential for the demonstration of impact, the ability to grow and

    serve as models for replication


  • G E N E R A L A C H I E V E M E N T S ! Won a competitive 5 year grant award from USAID for integrated development programs in Tibetan communities for 2009-2014.

    ! Renewed grant funding from the Government of Norway and foundation and donors.

    ! Continued to implement a 3-year European Union Grant Program.

    ! Finalized a 5-year agreement with the Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand for higher education degrees for Tibetans from China, social business initiatives at the Muhammad Yunus Social Business Center and training programs for TBF staff and partners.

    ! Established an official partnership with UNESCO to work on preservation of Tibetan heritage.

    ! Established a 5-year partnership with World Wildlife Fund on environmental conservation work, including protection of wildlife.

    ! TBF joined the Aspen Institutes Network of Development Entrepreneurs

    ! TBF participated in the Global Philanthropy Forum

    ! Organized and supported training programs, professional development and retreats for all TBF staff.

    ! Hosted a TBF board meeting and site visits in China for TBF board directors.

    ! Supported 3 Tibetan staff to take training courses in Beijing for master degree programs.

    ! Supported 2 Tibetan staff to attend master degree programs in the United States.

    ! Supported an ongoing program that engages Tibetans and Chinese to work collaboratively on development, environment, business, education and healthcare initiative in China.

    ! Mobilized the set up of Yushu Earthquake Response, a group of local NGOs who organized relief efforts in Yushu. TBF is still supporting projects to help Yushu.

    C O O R D I N A T I O N ! The Bridge Fund held budget, program and planning meetings in Bangkok with the Thousand Stars Foundation, The Asian Institute of Technology, UNESCO and HIV/aids groups.

    ! Participated in environmental meetings with The World Bank, Asian Development Bank, World Wildlife Fund and other environmental conservation groups.

    ! Worked with University of Montana on rangeland management and environmental issues related to cooperatives.


    Snapshot of Impact 2009-2010

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    E D U C A T I O N ! Supported Tibetan English teachers and 4 international volunteer English speakers to teach at the Xining English Training Program (ETP)

    ! Scholarships for 403 Tibetan students in Golok, Rebgong and Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefectures based on merit and need

    ! Scholarships for 7 Tibetans to obtain masters degree in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) & Public Health. The students are now working in their home regions.

    ! Trained 30 Tibetan teachers to gain new skills and improve quality of education

    ! Trained 30 teachers to become bi-lingual (Tibetan-Chinese) Science teachers in a pilot program through collaboration with Qinghai Normal University.

    ! Supported Tibetan teacher internships for 6 rural primary and junior Tibetan middle schools to benefit 525 students.

    ! Provided training to 127 Tibetan teachers in training.

    ! Developed and published 9 Tibetan culturally relevant childrens books. 18,000 books were printed and distributed to TBFs network of schools, libraries and other NGOs.

    ! Improved the learning environment and encouraged enrollment in Tibetan medium schools by setting up libraries complete with books, computers, TVs and shelves benefitting 393 students.

    ! Provided scholarships to 310 senior middle