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  • The Brain______________________________________________________

  • Areas of the brainThe brain is composed of ___________ Hemispheres, ________ and ________

  • medulla Controls ______ including _______, and _________ rateImpulse transmitted from medulla via __________ or __________ branch of __________ nervous system.


  • cerebellum Co-ordination of ________, ____ and ___________________________

  • Highly Folded and so has a large _______.Patients with injuries to specific parts of the brain can be studied to see how their ______ are altered.cerebrum/cerebral hemispheres _________________________________

  • Different parts of the brain can be _____________ to see which ______ in the body respondConversely different parts of the body can be stimulated to see which parts of the brain show ______________.More recently _____ (magnetic resonance imaging) has been used in brain study cerebrum/cerebral hemispheres

  • Areas of the cerebrum

  • The Areas can be split into 3 groups__________ Areas

    _______ Areas

    ___________ Areas

  • ________________________________________ for impulses from ______

  • cerebrum/cerebral hemispheres ________ of the cerebral hemispheres receive impulses from _____ organs and transmit them to the ____________ areasThe _______ areas of the cerebral hemispheres receive _______ - _______ them in the light of similar past experiences and transmit impulses to _____ areasThe motor areas transmit impulses to the _______The size of the ______ and ______ areas is related to the number of __________ in that areaThe left and right cerebral hemispheres control the _________ sides of the body

  • Mapping of the sensory & motor areas to the body

  • Sensory & Motor MapsThe maps show that regions of the body with many sensory (or _______) neurons have corresponding large areas of the _______ linked to them.

    So for example the _____ occupy a larger region of the _______ than the ______, because there are more ______ neurons in the lips.

  • Association AreasAre used to compare ________ with previous _______, and make ___________These areas are involved in _______, _________ and ________ retrievalThe ____________ are large in humans and it is thought that they responsible for higher functions like ____________, ________ & ___________.

  • SpeechThe ________ of the brainPatients with ______ problems gave 1st clues about how the brain controls language1981 Dr Paul Broca described a patient who could only say the word tan.When the patient died Broca examined the brain and found damage to the ____________________This part of the brain is now know as _______ area

  • Brocas Area__________

  • Wernickes AreaIn 1967 ______________ noticed damage to another region of the cortex._______ area is connected to ______ area by a bundle of nerve fibres. If this was damaged the patient can understand ________ but cannot ________ words.So ________ area is concerned with understanding ________. ______ area is concerned with controlling the ______ that produce ______

  • Wernickes Area____________

  • Visual ProcessingThe __________ area is at the back of the brain & receives _______ input from the ______ nervesThe 2 _______ see slightly different images from the opposite of the _______, and differences can be used to judge ___________

  • Optic Chiasma

  • Summary________ receive input from receptors___________ Origin of impulses which bring about voluntary movementsThese receive/transmit impulses from the _______ side of the body ___________ interpret _______ information in the light of ____________

  • A close shave


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