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The Bluest Eye Commentary. Maurice Del Rio Y3BA. Extract from Page 14. Claudia expresses her anger through the plastic white doll, having the desire to dismember it. Linguistic Devices: List of 3. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • The Bluest Eye Commentary

    Maurice Del RioY3BA

  • Extract from Page 14Claudia expresses her anger through the plastic white doll, having the desire to dismember it.

  • Linguistic Devices: List of 3all the world had agreed that a blue-eyed, yellow-haired, pink-skinned doll was what every girl child treasured list of three, allowing the readers to visually picture the perfect doll as if it was an actual white human being. Using different colours of blue, yellow and pink shows the stereotypes of a perfect white girl during those times. By using the word treasured shows that this is thought to be the most beautiful features of a perfect girl which every child wants to look like

  • Vocabulary I had only one desire: to dismember it the word desire shows Claudia is desperate in finding out why white girls are labeled as perfect. The word dismember is negative connotations showing her violent nature. This displays a cathartic experience, dismembering the doll because she knows that she cannot do it to al the real white girls. Dismembering the dolls shows Claudias physical manifestationOxymoron the sweet and plaintive cry an oxymoron is used with the words sweet and plaintive. Sweet is a soothing word and portrays positive imagery although plaintive describes a mournful person. This is done to show the sweetness of the doll is more plaintive in Claudias eyes.

  • Alliteration I fingered the face, wondering at the single-stroke eyebrows alliteration is being used with the letter f making it sound more aggressive and violent towards the doll. The word fingered shows Claudia is examining the doll, allowing us the image her determination in ripping the doll apartto discover the dearness, to find the beauty, the desirability that had escaped me alliteration is used by Toni Morrison to make it seem Claudia is very desperate and willing in knowing why the white girls acquire treasured beauty.

  • Simileteeth stuck like two piano keys between red bowline lips a simile is being used to make the scene seem more horrid. Normally, teeth on a perfect doll is pretty and perfect although in this scene, it is shown that it looks more like piano keys. This displays a parallel structure and metaphoric imagery allowing the readers to understand that Claudia doesnt find white girls pretty

  • Onomatopoeia Ahhhh, take off the head shows the writers use of onomatopoeia. We can see Claudia shouts with agony, expressing her anger externally as well as internally. This expressive emotion allows the readers to fully understand she is very immature and has the perspective of a young child. By saying take off the head, also shows shes bewildering towards the doll acting as if it was a real human.

  • Structure poked the glassy blue eyeballs, twisted the yellow hair as mentioned before, colours of stereotypes on white people having blonde hair and blue eyes are being mentioned although negative actions are done like poked and twisted allowing us to see Claudias animalistic nature. This displays a parallel structure, since vocabulary words of beauty and colour are being used in the same sentence with negative words. The structure shows the writers use of metaphoric language and irony.

  • LanguageThe language used by Toni Morrison is very child-like and violent. This displays Claudia as a immature girl who has yet to find out the harsh reality of the world. Words such as fingered or poked add to the fact she is only a young girl. Knowing the dolls arent real, Claudia still acts as if they are actually white human beings.


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