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  • The Best Skin Treatment

    There are countless facial products that claim to better your skin in some

    way, ranging in price from high to absurd. Once you have spent your

    money, it is another gamble as to whether or not the product will actually

    work. The right answer, however, is much simpler. Using natural oils for

    your skin leaves your skin replenished. Different oils work in different

    ways, but they all help by replacing the unhealthy oils in your pores with

    healthy ones. Lavender oil specifically is possibly the best oil for skin.

    Rejuvenate Your Skin

    Lavender oil shows amazing results in treating minor skin conditions such as

    acne. Acne is caused by bacterial infection and subsequent build-up,

    resulting in puffy red sores on the face. If these sores are not treated

    properly and efficiently, they can scar and remain on the face for quite

    some time. Lavender oil combats this process because it contains

    properties that kill bacteria and can prevent the initial infection. Just add

    a few drops of lavender oil when applying skin cream once a day or find a

    product that uses lavender oil as a primary ingredient.

    Help Your Skin Heal

    Even when using lavender oil, it is difficult to completely eliminate the

    scaring left from acne. This, along with any other types of scaring, can also

    be reduced through the regular use of lavender oil. Lavender oil helps with

    the production of new scar tissue, thus lessening the visibility of any

    existing scars. Lavender oils healing abilities dont just end there. Application of lavender oil can speed up recovery from minor cuts,

    sunburn, and burns, and even reduce the pain in the process. While the

    best medicine is to simply stay safe in the first place, using lavender oil can

    make your skin looking fresh and rejuvenated in case of some mishaps.