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  2. 2. THE BEST PALEO DESSERT RECIPESTen thousand years ago, our ancestors maynot have had access to ice cream churns orcheesecake, but they were still able to satisfytheir sweet tooth whenever they got acraving for dessert. Paleo dessertrecipes help you to get all the good thingsyou want in your diet without clogging upyour system with preservatives and artificialingredients. What are some of the best paleodessert recipes?
  3. 3. GRAIN FREE BROWNIESWhenever a chocolate craving strikes yourfancy, theres no need to turn on the oven:this is one of the easy paleo recipes since itrequires no baking at all. Dates, walnuts, andcocoa powder blend together with vanilla andcoconut milk to form the batter. Roll thebatter into tiny balls, then refrigerate and eatwhenever you get a craving.
  4. 4. STRAWBERRY ICE CREAMThe good news is that you dont have to saygoodbye to ice cream when following thePaleo Dessert Recipes. It takes awhile tomake Paleo ice cream, but the end result iswell worth the effort. You need full-fatcoconut milk along with honey, vanilla,combining on a stovetop and then freezingfor two hours. Add fresh strawberries on topand grind down almonds to make a crunchytopping.
  5. 5. PALEO FRUITCAKESWhenever you want to celebrate a birthdayparty or just have a few bite-sized paleodessert recipes items, its possible to makefruitcakes without needing any flour. Blendtogether dates, banana, eggs, honey, andvanilla to make the batter. Bake and top witha mix of fruit juices, berries, honey, andalmonds.Download The Complete Dessert RecipesNow
  6. 6. BLUEBERRY PIEA little bit of ingenuity helps you to make adelicious pie that can be the center of aPaleo-themed Thanksgiving dinner or otherholiday meal. Blend almonds with cinnamon,honey, and coconut oil to make the crust,baking it in a pie sheet. Once the crust iscompleted, fill in with a topping of chilledcoconut milk, lemon juice, and honey (youcan use a plant gelatin if you want a thickertopping). Serve with blueberries or other fruiton top.
  7. 7. CHOCOLATE PUDDINGDepending on your interpretation of dairyunder the Paleo diet, you can either havepudding with milk or with a milk substitute(usually coconut milk). Put a ripe avocado ina food processor along with an egg until youhave a creamy base. Then add cocoapowder, cinnamon, dried figs, and choppedhazelnuts, and process until it is smooth.Refrigerate and consume after an hour.
  8. 8. MORE PALEO DESSERT RECIPES AT FREE>>Free Download 350 Paleo RecipesNow