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This is an extraordinary information report from The Quixotic Publishing Project. Here are the exact words to say, plan to follow to get hired at your next job interview. NO cliches or positive attitude mumbo-jumbo. Straight talk and at least a strategy to get that next job. Hey, its free, nonfattening and tasts great! But seriously, do you have right now a plan to bring interviewers to the conclusion that you are the best candidate? Print this, memorize it and be one of the very few who know what to do, how to do it to get hired


The Best Answers & Strategies To Tough Job InterviewsBullion Greys Quixotic Publishing

Every time you sit down for a job interview it is either for practice, for information or to get hired. This document will share a little used but highly effective strategy for getting hired during, or after the interview. This plan of action is the plan that helped hundreds of homeless people along with housed people to get work fast. But you must follow the ideas here in the sequence provided if you want to get results. Any deviation from these outlined ideas will not be in your best interest. Try the suggestions here and get hired now.

Now that you have an interview you want to decide how you will go about turning it into a position with that company. It wont be difficult but it might be a little tricky. Different interviewers have different ways of making their selection. Nothing we can do about it. BUT, we can make it easy for them to make the decision for you or against you. Hopefully for you! Without over detailed explanations here are the bare bones Having dressed for the interview is obvious of course. One detail: Dress for the position you are hiring for. If they wear dresses or ties then follow their example. If they are super casual do that. Of course be there at the interview location at least 20 minutes early. Then use the extra time to look around if approved, (ask if its ok for you to look around), and to make friendly impressions to EVERY employee.

One employer actually starts watching their prospective employees at the parking lot when they first arrive. So keep in mind, because they are sizing you up as you are sizing them up. Knowing the basics of all the pre-interview stuff is learnable in Job Hunting books which crowd the shelves at any library or book shop. BUT, when you get your name called for the actual interview here is where may differ in style and approach. This is my recommendation to make this work for you even if you dont get that job.

To start have a good handshake and look them in the eyes when you first come in to the interview. A Firm, DRY handshake. A Good morning how are you, nice to meet you is of course helpful. Sit only when offered a seat. OR wait until they sit down before you do; UNLESS they ask you to take a seat. Look around the interview room as if you are taking it all in. Smile and be calm. Wait for the interviewer to start with the interview. They may start with hard questions right off, or simple questions. Either way be ready with your strategy. Here it is Realize they want YOU to be the one they hire. Thats the first thing in your favor. Feel confident that at least you have that going for you at the start.

Next understand what makes one a qualified candidate. Here, according to research are the basics: They want someone who is LIKEABLE. They are trying to understand if you fit in and everyone who is likeable is always a candidate for fitting in. Next they want someone who is INTERESTED in the industry. If the make peace flags they wont be interested in someone who likes bombs. Kind of extreme but gets the message across. Show that this is the industry for you. EVEN if it is a temporary job for you, still give the impression you like the industry. They then want someone who is trainable. There are many ways to communicate this but one of the best ways is some where in the start of the interview ask one or two questions about their orientation or training program and how that will work for you. (Do not preface that with a If I am hired here) NEVER say anything like that. The most powerful approach is KNOWING you are the one. Keep that in mind.

After they see these qualities in you: Likeable Interested in the field Trainable They want their choice to be a responsible person. This is a touchy thing as anyone who says they are responsible must follow that kind of statement with facts that demonstrate responsibility. Keep in mind that the very word Responsible is a contraction of the words Response and Able. Response - able, or able to respond to situations and circumstances that an employee in this area of work will most likely face. The best way to get this across is to wait until they bring it up and ask you something like: If you were faced with a situation that you havent encountered before what would you do? How would you handle it? Your best answer will include or be: I would get all the information about it (the situation), and then contact my direct supervisor and get guidance. ALL employers want someone who can turn to others or their supervisor to help them deal with a situation.

The exception to the rule (and there is always exceptions), is if they train you exactly how to handle the situation. Asking if that type of training is given to new employees first doesnt hurt. After they see these qualities in you: Likeable Interested in the field Trainable Responsible three key

They will in any order want things to be made known to them. 1. 2. 3.

Experience Skills applicable to the position Credentials

Even if they dont cover these it is very helpful to bring up your strong points in these areas. Here is a powerful way of thinking about these. If you lack credentials, and experience, speak up your skills, and transferability of your skills. Plenty is available on Google about talking about skills.

IF you lack skills, but have experience, even indirect experience, then focus on experience. IF you lack about your credentials. skills and experience, talk credentials, even indirect

IF you lack all three key areas for the position you are interviewing for, talk about your interest in the industry and how you cant wait to get started in the field. This strategy is better than struggling for some kind of semblance of trying to use pointless points that make you sound desperate, or worse Unqualified. Learn these points covered Know it, know that you know you are almost ready. Just powerful thing anyone can do want the position. here by memory. it and be glad one more very if they really

You want to close the sale. Make a win-win situation for you and the employer. Get asked back for more detailed qualifying meetings with supervisors or training meetings.

HOW TO GET THAT YOUR HIRED TALKThis is a critical part of your strategy and you must memorize this as well, so that you can end the interview with these ideas. This will have an extraordinary effect on any interviewer and will entrance them toward at the very least, thinking about you for hire. Here is what you do: At some point in the interview there will be a slowing down of questions, answers and discussion about the whole idea of hiring you. This is a clue for you that the interviewer has come close to concluding your interview. Most likely the interviewer will even have a 90% idea of either they want you to return, they think youre a good candidate for hire or they have ruled you out of consideration. THIS IS A CRITICAL POINT OF THE INTERVIEW. This is where you can pull from a flopped interview and save yourself before the axe falls, or bolster your shine as a runner-up.

THE CLOSEAt the point where you notice the meeting, interview is wrapping up you say this:

May I ask if you have any more you would like to know about myself as a top candidate for this position?(Never say job) IF THEY SAY YES, YOU SAY:

What else would you like to know?

(Then return to the points mentioned above since the beginning of this report. Make sure you answer their question.) IF THEY SAY NO, YOU SAY:

Great! I can see that my (one of these or all) credentials, experience and/or skills are a good match for this position. (If you feel it helpful atthis point review in a likeable way; your trainability, response ability, interest in the field. Reconfirm your readiness, and complete focus on this position.)

After saying your second statement above, you pause and with a friendly smile say:

I am available immediately, When would you like me to start? (whats the next step toward starting with the team?) or positionor company employees. or how they reference their

THEN YOU PAUSE AND STAY SILENT, no matter how long the silence is DONT SAY A WORD. They will be impressed. They will realize you are a smart person. They will seriously consider you. No matter what they say listen for signs of life No matter if they say well thank you for the interview well be in touch, or anything else you say: Thank You for this time to consider me as (position name). Can I check back with you in a few days?

They will say of course! Here is one out 100 interviewees that is thinking and doing something 99% of job seekers NEVER do Ask for the position. Research shows that most people who interview for a position NEVER actually ask for the position! But you are different, because you are making the decision easy for the interviewer. There are many subtleties but this is a basic workable plan that makes sense and puts you on a good light. I hope you try these ideas and use all of them to get your next interview that ends with You can start today! Thank you, Bullion Grey PS:If you comment on this report, in a honestly positive way, I will send you the most innovative tool for finding good interviews for good positions. I guarantee this is something you have never used, and it will get potential employers to contact YOU for an interview.

REVIEW:After they see these qualities in you: Likeable Interested in the field Trainable Responsible

They want three key things, also: Experience Skills applicable to the position Credentials Be the one who asks for the position.