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How do you pick the best agile process for your team/organization? Is it XP? Scrum? Kanban? or something more traditional like TSP? This presentation will tell you which is the best process.


  • 1. The BEST agile processA discussion of XP, Scrum, Kanban and TSPRALLY Twitter: @LMaccheroneS O F T W A R E

2. THERE ARE NOBEST PRACTICES ONLY GOODPRACTICESIN CONTEXTTwitter: @LMaccherone 3. LARRYMACCHERONETwitter: @LMaccherone 4. What is Agile?Measured SystemReference + error input System outputController System-Measured output Sensor +VALUESRALLYTwitter: @LMaccheroneS O F T W A R E 5. TRADITIONAL/DMAGILEAIC FORMAL, AND CANPROCESS FEEDBACKLIGHT BUT OFTEN BE HEAVY WEIGHTEARLY, OFTEN, PRODUCT AND? AND CLOSE TO DESIGN FEEDBACKTHE CUSTOMERFREQUENT BUTPLAN FEEDBACK ? QUICKDOMINANT VALUE PLANNING/CONTROL COLLABORATIONRALLY Twitter: @LMaccheroneS O F T W A R E 6. Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and turns into a racket.~Christopher McDougallRALLY Twitter: @LMaccheroneS O F T W A R E 7. AGILERALLY Twitter: @LMaccheroneS O F T W A R E 8. REDUCTION IN COORDINATIONCOSTS (XP) How is agiledifferent?REDUCTION CHANGE ININ FEEDBACKEVOLUTION EMPHASIS COSTS(SCRUM) (KANBAN)RALLYTwitter: @LMaccheroneS O F T W A R E 9. XP FOCUS:ENGINEERING PRACTICESBuild the thing right!BEST AT:REDUCTION INCOORDINATION COSTSTwitter: @LMaccherone 10. RALLY Twitter: @LMaccheroneS O F T W A R E 11. RALLY Twitter: @LMaccheroneS O F T W A R E 12. XP: Reduces coordination costs Continuous integration Test driven development Test-first design Comprehensive test Also: suites Coding standard Simple design Whole team Refactoring Pair programming System metaphor Collective code ownershipRALLY Twitter: @LMaccheroneS O F T W A R E 13. Simple design1. All tests must pass1. Passes tests (given TDD)2. No code is 2. Minimizes duplication duplicated3. Maximizes clarity (great3. Code is self- identifiers) explanatory4. Has fewer elements4. No superfluous parts exist RALLYTwitter: @LMaccherone S O F T W A R E 14. SCRUM FOCUS:PROJECTMANAGEMENT Build the rightthing!BEST AT: CHANGE IN FEEDBACK EMPHASIS Twitter: @LMaccherone 15. PROJECTAGILELIFECYCLE release 1 release n Target Project System Iteration 0 Iteration 1 Iteration 2 Iteration 3 Iteration nInception Discovery Set upAssessment Project Infrastructure Incremental delivery in time-boxed iterations RALLYTwitter: @LMaccherone S O F T W A R E 16. SCRUMMECHANICS Daily Meeting Iteration2-4WeeksProduct Iteration ProductBacklog BacklogIncrementRALLY Twitter: @LMaccheroneS O F T W A R E 17. DAILYSTAND-UPWhat did youwork on yesterday?What are youcommitting to today?Do you have anyimpediments? Twitter: @LMaccherone 18. POTENTIALLYSHIPPABLE PRODUCTDemo and get feedback EVERY SPRINT!!!RALLY Twitter: @LMaccheroneS O F T W A R E 19. Burndown chartRALLY Twitter: @LMaccheroneS O F T W A R E 20. 21. Scrum frameworkVision Daily Scrum Meeting Burndown Chart DailyRelease Planning Planning Meeting Revisit Release Plan Sprint Retrospective Review Product Backlog2-4 weeks Create Sprint BacklogSprint Review (Demo) Commit to 2-4 weeks of workProduct Backlog Product IncrementPrioritized Features Sprint Backlogdesired by Customer Product Backlog Items assigned to Sprint Emergent list of estimated tasksRALLY Twitter: @LMaccheroneS O F T W A R E 22. KANBAN FOCUS:INCREMENTALIMPROVEMENTGo faster! Getbetter!BEST AT:REDUCTION IN EVOLUTION COSTS Twitter: @LMaccherone 23. A kanbanRALLY Twitter: @LMaccheroneS O F T W A R E 24. Characteristics of the KanbanMethod0. Start where you are1. Visualize workflow2. Limit WIP3. Make management policies explicit4. Manage flow5. Improve collaboratively Adapted from Kanban by David J. AndersonRALLYTwitter: @LMaccheroneS O F T W A R E 25. 0. Start where you are 26. 1. Visualize workflowRALLY Twitter: @LMaccheroneS O F T W A R E 27. 1. Visualize workflowRALLYS O F T W A R E 28. 2. Limit work in process (WIP)RALLY Twitter: @LMaccheroneS O F T W A R E 29. 3. Make policies explicitRALLY Twitter: @LMaccheroneS O F T W A R E 30. 4. Manage flow:watch WIPRALLY Twitter: @LMaccheroneS O F T W A R E 31. 5. Improve collaboratively:measure outcomesRALLY Twitter: @LMaccheroneS O F T W A R E 32. 5. Improve collaboratively:use data for decision makingRALLY Twitter: @LMaccheroneS O F T W A R E 33. The Team Software Process(TSP)Where does it fit?RALLY Twitter: @LMaccheroneS O F T W A R E 34. XP Build the thing rightAspects of Coordination agile ProductcostsBuild theevolution alsoImprove right(TSP, design, thing designpatterns)How is agiledifferent? FeedbackEvolution Kanban emphasiscosts ScrumRALLYTwitter: @LMaccheroneS O F T W A R E 35. I recommend1. Adopt XP engineering practices. Add peer review. Add design patterns and possibly more design/design review.2. If you are doing product design and new to agile, adopt Scrum.3. If you are doing IT work, or have a mature agile culture, or cant accept all of Scrums changes, adopt Kanban.4. If you need CMMi, adopt TSP.5. If safety is critical, consider Crystal.6. Buy Rally Software. RALLY Twitter: @LMaccheroneS O F T W A R E 36. LARRYMACCHERONETwitter: @LMaccherone 37. Credits Kanban content. RickSimmons.( Scrum content. Various at Rally Software. XP content. Mostly from Kent Beck. Simple design. Alistair McKinnell, Declan Whelan.RALLYS O F T W A R E