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  • The Beautiful Ways to Present Flowers at Your Wedding [Best 10 Ways]

    We know. You've seen thousands of photos and all beautiful, decorated with pictures of

    flowers adorning the most beautiful weddings. Centerpieces, dance areas, and special

    corners, shining petals blow. But it is also true that if you've seen many images, you may

    be not already to know or what type of flowers put on your big day and how to present

    them. To help you clarify your doubts, we suggest the 10 most beautiful forms, elegant

    and chic to present the flowers on your wedding day.

    The Beautiful Ways to Present Flowers at Your Wedding [Best 10 Ways]

    1- Minimalist decor:

    Sometimes, we fall into the trap of long recharge our decor, but not necessary for the

    result to be nice. That is a maxim that can also apply when decorating. So you have to be

    very much in favor of clean, clear and with a touch floral accompanying tables.

    Betting white flowers (jasmine, lilies, daffodils, gardenias ...) give clarity and brightness

    to your wedding. So, if you want to achieve this effect, bets on this color transparent and

    present in tall vases to increase the feeling of elegance. One trick, playing mix different

    types of flowers and let loose some petals inside some of the vases.

  • Photo Credits: Virginia Florista

    Photo Credits: Virginia Florista

  • Photo Credits: Leoevidente

  • 2- Mix & Match:

    You can build your own centerpiece playing with the elements to present flowers.

    Somewhat rustic may be the best companion of a more classic and typical weddings

    element. This image is the best example of how this can work well together boxes with

    low wooden vases. It is essential to create your still life on a space on the table and here

    the colors of the flowers do not overshadow the result. Mix pink and white will give a

    romantic and welcoming result.

    Photo Credits: Valentina Black

    3- vintage Style:

    In perspective, the touch vintage is always very grateful and it works. If you want to give

    your wedding that special air with details that reflect your nostalgic romantic style and

    of course, add elements vintage decor, will be the best option. Ancient jars, jugs of

    metal, dairy, details with strings, brass sprinklers worn ... in contrast to the more chic

    flowers, will lead to a set of drawings as more personal and special.

  • Photo Credits: Etsy

  • Photo Credits: Beautiful Blue Brides

  • Photo Credits: Secretariat events

  • 4- Flowers and fruits:

    The flowers and fruits have always been a very good Avenue couple. So, why not use this

    union the day of your wedding? All senses of your guests will wake up and will achieve

    truly beautiful table centers. Play with the different types of fruits according to the

    season in which you are going to marry: citrus fruits, apples, lemons, oranges ... for a

    spring wedding and red fruit, figs, plums, pears ... for a fall wedding. Surely a perfect

    decoration especially if your wedding will be outdoors.

    Photo Credits: Stylemepretty

  • Photo Credits: Stylemepretty

    5- Flowers in a bottle:

    Not having seen it, it is no longer one of the best ways to present flowers at your

    wedding. It is a way simple and chic look that flowers at your wedding. You have many

    possibilities in order to extract the whole game: you can hang in the form of garlands

    hanging from the ceiling, leaving the empty bottles and fill them petal or stones. You can

    also play with colors to create a space total look, with the sizes and thicknesses or even

    create a colorful photocall.

  • Photo Credits: Stylemepretty

  • Photo Credits: Brown dress with white dots / Utterlyengaged

    6- Wreaths:

    If you are looking for another way to make flowers, you can play to make garlands,

    therefore, the ceiling or between the trees and between the seats or in the middle of the

    table. Make sure it is a type of flower that does not recharge the whole atmosphere too.

    Remember that you create a detail of decoration and not to create a forest or a feral


  • Photo Credits: Brandonlata

  • Photo Credits: Hey Wedding Lady

  • 7- All colors:

    Flowers can also be a great way to give your wedding color you need. If you are the type

    that you want your favorite color is a protagonist that day, you do actually playing with

    different shades of flowers. You can bet on two dominant colors or one that monopolizes

    all eyes.

    Photo Credits: Peaches and Mint

  • 8- Letters:

    How about playing with flowers to create messages that speak for themselves? The

    letters are fashionable and can be a great idea to give your personal touch to your

    wedding. If you wish to leave more economical decor, go for the DIY cartons to fill with

    your favorite flowers, or through wires to wind flowers around.

    Photo Credits: Decoralia

  • Photo Credits: Passed

    9- candles:

    The candlelight creates an atmosphere of intimate and romantic as your wedding. And if

    you combine the candles with flowers, you'll double its effect. So, if your wedding is at

    sunset, do not hesitate to opt for this decor that you yourself can create by introducing a

    candle inside of a floral center, well accompanied with different types of candles or

    placing them in the form of water lilies in cylinders floral water.

  • Photo Credits: Ludaescher Photography

  • Photo Credits: Andie Freeman Photography

  • 10. In baskets:

    We finished our Decalogue on how to decorate your wedding flowers, with one of the

    simplest ways but also nicer to present them. If there are stairs or wide corners in the

    space of your wedding you can use the baskets, also if you have a garden area, to create a

    path or as a small centerpiece. Will be the perfect bet if your wedding is outdoors or

    want to give a rustic air.

    Photo Credits: Jorge Flores

    Now it's up to you to decide. We hope you now have clearer how you want to present

    flowers at your wedding!

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