The Baroque Music Period(1600-1750). Common Baroque Instruments

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  • The Baroque Music Period(1600-1750)

  • Common Baroque Instruments


    Keyboard wind instrument Commonly associated with church musicFirst invented in the 3rd century BC

  • HarpsichordSimilar to pianoStrings played by plucking rather than hammeringLost popularity when the pianoforte was invented

  • Baroque Composers

  • Johann Sebastian BachMember of a large musical familyFavorite instrument was the organHis death in 1750 marked the end of the Baroque Period in musicWrote Brandenburg Concerto and Jesu Joy of Mans Desiring

  • George Frideric HandelBorn in Germany, studied music in Italy, and lived mainly in EnglandBest known for his vocal works Wrote The Messiah which includes the Hallelujah ChorusWent blind late in his life.

  • Antonio VivaldiThe son of a professional violinistWas a Catholic priestComposed The Four Seasons.

  • Scientific DiscoveriesPeople were beginning to trust their own mindsScientists such as Galileo and Newton were unlocking the secrets of the universeTelescope Microscope

  • During the Baroque Period The first permanent British colony is formed in Jamestown, VA,(1607)The first African slaves are brought to British America(1619)

    20 young women are tried and killed for witchcraft in Salem, Mass.(1692)George Washington is born in Virginia. (1732)

  • Characteristics of Baroque Music-Emphasized emotion in music writing

    -Repetitive rhythms that drive the music forward

    -Flowery and fast movement

    -Complex melodies that repeat

    -Dynamics are important finally

    -Uses embellishments, ornamentation and word painting

  • -Unique harmonies

    -Bass lines that repeat. *Ostinatos

    -BAROQUE- comes from the Italian word baracco meaning exuberant (over the top)

    -Composers usually wrote music for a specific reason. They often wrote church music, concertos, or for specific people in the courts where they worked. These people were called patrons.

    -The term COMMISSION means that a composer is paid to compose music for someone specific.

    COUNTERPOINT- 2 or more different ideas or lines of music interacting


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