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  1. 1. Grief: Gods Natural Healing Plan for Us Bob Zima, MA/LCPC
  2. 2. Both with 3 lettered names. Both have 66% of the same letters in their name. One has a J and one has two Bs. They Have Lost Much Children Livelihood Home
  3. 3. There is a man named Job. He Had Much. Then Lost: Children Livelihood Home There is a man name Bob. He Had Much. Then Lost: Children Livelihood Home
  4. 4. Bob and Job: Remained Faithful, Had Friends Who Comforted Who Suggested that Their Miss Fortune is Result of Their Own Doing, They are Wicked, God is Angry with Them. Considered Death as a Means to Heal, Begged to KNOW What They Did Wrong, Went from the Penthouse to the Outhouse, Require Healing.
  5. 5. Grief Is NOT ONLY ABOUT Death & Dying EASY SIMPLE Ever Finished!
  6. 6. Hard Work! INTENSE and Painful Communal Real World & Time Skills Focused A Natural HEALING Process
  7. 7. A Customized Plan Created for Us by God Psalm 139 James 1 God KNEW Wed Need Our Grieving Style & Skills A Natural Process Often Avoided, Feared, Delayed and Even Stopped Grieving is HARD WORK Behavioral and Skills-Based Learn to Manage Fear Learn to Heal Hurt Be Truthful to Ourselves Live Out Our Jeremiah 29:11. Honor God by Following His Plan for Us.
  8. 8. Crisis Storms of Life that Break Connections to People Places Things Clean-Up the Debris Hurt Fear God Knows Crisis: Jesus in the Garden Apostles Post Death Upper Room
  9. 9. Trauma The Real Time Results of the Storm Automatic Emotional Responses Fear Hurt Automatic Physical Responses Stomach and/or Head Aches Tense Muscles; Sore Back and Shoulders Lack of Sleep or Appetite Crying
  10. 10. Recalled (Past) a Crisis Imagine (Future) a Crisis Experience (Present) a Crisis Our BODIES Respond Fight/Flight/Freeze Response Heart Rate Increases Lung Capacity Increases Muscles Tighten Cortisol Courses Mouth Dries Blood Races to Extremities (Leaves Brain)
  11. 11. Mend the Broken Connections Reconcile When Possible Seek and Give Forgiveness Build New Connections Engage Socially Take Risks Clean-Up the Debris Manage Our Fear Adaptation Skills Heal Our Hurt Coping Skills Heal Our Bodies Medical Support and Counseling.
  12. 12. Created by God Psalm 139 Our Temperament James 1 Our Life Experiences As Unique as We Are MUST Be Implemented By US Can Be a Series of Trials and Errors A Learning Experience MUST Be Used In Order to HEAL
  13. 13. A Continuum On Which We Oscillate
  14. 14. Martin and Doka, 1999 Lie Along a Continuum Intersect Oscillation Impacts and Effects. MAY Change With Ager/Experience/Skill Development Avoid Assumptions of Style Based on Body Type Respect Even CELEBRATE Differences Male Intuitive and Female Instrumental Disenfranchised at Times.
  15. 15. Openly Express Emotions OK with Catharsis Strong Affect Experiences - VENTING Congruence Between Inner/Outer Experiences MUST Be Expressive to Heal. May OVERWHELM Others. Attend Support Groups/Social Healing Actions The Safe Place to Vent and Just Be. Validation, Ventilation, Time Off, Learning. Go to Counseling Teach Others Indirect Expression (Book, Seminar)
  16. 16. Love Solitary Time Time to Think, Plan and Coordinate Problem Solving Physical Activity Spiritual Implications Awakenings. Need to Know, Knowledge and Information Digestion Logical Analysis Take It In Conceptualize Make It Your Own Look for Supporting Materials - Research Express It Storytelling & Humor.
  17. 17. Control Emotions Proud of this Skill Use Storytelling and humor to express emotions that MAY BE CONSIDERD unacceptable Safer to express emotions via story. Create Memorials Fix Things They are Problem Solvers! They are DOERS. Git R Doners Proud of Accomplishments and Control.
  18. 18. Instrumental to Intuitive and Back Again Catharsis to Problem Solver and Back Again Mental Wellness is HEALING in Action. Leveraging YOUR Healing/Grieving Style (Psychological Fitness Skills) to Improve the Quality of YOUR Life Learning, Expressing and Ritual.
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