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  • 1. Nama Kelompok:Jeany Ariestya Raiman Daniel Agnes Romauli

2. The plot: 3. The characters 4. Robin Williams - John KeatingNormand Lloyd - Director Nolan (No photo) 5. Robert Sean Leonard - Neil Perry 6. Ethan Hawke - Todd Anderson 7. Josh Charles - Knox OverstreetAlexandra Powers - Chris Noel 8. Gale Hansen - Charlie Dalton 9. Dylan Kussman - Richard Cameron 10. Allelon Ruggiro - Steven Meeks James Waterston Gerard Pitts 11. The director is Peter Weir 12. End 13. Plot This story begins with the story of the social life of seven students are: Neil, Todd, Knox, Charlie, Richard, Steven and Gerard who feel discomfort with the school rules. Their thinking about science changed after the coming of new teachers will teach English to their literatures. The teacher John Keating who is also an alumni of the academy Welton. The teacher teaches the different techniques so that students are 14. How to Teach Poem for Tenagers extremely The film method used in conducting this research is qualitative descriptive. The teaching poetry processes in the film consist of the three stages, there are paraphrasablemeaning, linguistic feature and personal reaction. The great contribution is being more interesting and engaging the student to understand poetry deeply. 15. Conclusion The teaching poetry described in the film shows several benefits obtained from teaching poetry. There are cultural and language enrichment, personal involvement and mental training. Besides the students abilities of speaking, listening, reading and writing are also improved through learning poetry 16. In our opinion Therefore, the steps of teaching poetry occurring in Dead Poet Society film consist of pre-activity, core activity and post activity, Those steps are pre-activity that concerns in determining the first good impression, core activity that can be conducted using various techniques and approaches interestingly, and post activity that gives the feedback both for teacher and students.