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A man discovers he has diabetes. What to do?


  • The Adventures Of

    Book One of the Series!

    Waking Up to a New World


    Shawn Sheph



    Scott Robe

    rt Dawson

    Sugarfree ShawnPress

  • This is not Diabetes University.

  • Learn how I found this out.

    Thisis Diabetes University...

    ...the everyday challenges and events of

    life. The people you meet, the places you go...

    ...the food you eat.

  • This is horrible!

    Diabetes is going to control my


    I had a choice to make.

    I could not

    change the fact that I had been diagnosed with diabetes. But I could change how I responded to the disease...

    A meeting room in a hospital..

    No... no...

    No. Not me.

  • At a supermarket

    At Home

    Of course, I would have to eat differently.

    But there was just

    as much good food to eat in the new way as

    in the old...

    I would have to

    test my blood sugar every day with this


    But that was a simple act,

    quickly over.

    Was I going to let it take

    over my mind?

  • Focus. Thats what I would do.

    Focus on the good, not the bad.

    The bad would still be there, of course. But i wouldnt let

    it take over.

    Was I going to surround myself with situations that

    brought me down?

    Or with situations--and people--that brought me joy?

  • Speaking...


    At the rink...

    I chose joy.

  • Shawn Shepheard

    Sugarfree Shawn PressC/O Solamar Agency LLC5184 Caldwell Mill Rd, Suite 204-102Birmingham, AL 35244USA

    The Creators of this Book

    Shawn Shepheard is NOT a Big Deal, but he is a big fan of Will Farrell movies (love that scene from Anchorman). He has never been on The New York Times Best Seller List, has never been featured in any award winning films, and is not a graduate of any Ivy League school. Hes just a regular guy who loves sports, family and friends, laughter, his wife, presenting, and living life to the fullest. yes, with diabetes. To find out more about Shawn please visit (seriously, he needs the traffic).

    Scott Robert Dawson

    Scott Robert Dawson watched way too many cartoons as a child. In spite of this, he manages to work as a technical writer, study languages, draw his own cartoons, and generally think up new and interesting stories.

    Inspirational speaker

    Artist, writer, designer

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    9 0 0 0 0ISBN 978-0-9879451-1-2