The 3 Top Lessons Learnt in Utrecht

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The 3 Top Lessons Learnt in Utrecht. SEG mented M arketing for EN ergy efficient T ransport. Lesson 1. Splitting up in segments helps Focus on what is important Employer contacts Does it work? Until now only indications! (high response). Lesson 2. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • The 3 Top Lessons Learnt in UtrechtSEGmented Marketing for ENergy efficient Transport

  • Lesson 1Splitting up in segments helpsFocus on what is importantEmployer contactsDoes it work?Until now only indications! (high response)

  • Lesson 2Going through a process with mobility and communication experts cooperating worksBetter understanding, both of the mobility issues and how communication works

  • Lesson 3Connecting to an existing campaigns seems efficient, but might not beConvincing why a campaign has to change is difficultExtra work for intermediate parties who did not agree to this beforehandSaturation in the target group

  • Lesson 4Communication and infrastructure should go hand in handIn our case: bicycle parkings!

  • Lesson 5If you already score well, you still can improve look for innovationNew transport means (e-bike)New communication tools