Thailand destination wedding a very popular choice for wedding

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<ul><li><p>Thailand Destination Wedding: A Very Popular </p><p>Choice for Wedding </p><p>An overseas wedding seems like a dream, isnt it? Well, that is not even a thought in </p><p>many cases! But this time you can realize the most spectacular time of your life by </p><p>throwing Thailand destination wedding. Well, it is one of the surprising platforms </p><p>for an Indian wedding to be conducted under the blanket of culture and traditions of </p><p>Thailand. </p><p>Why choose Thailand destination wedding? </p><p>Well, there are various reasons on why to choose </p><p>Thailand for your wedding. The most significant </p><p>one is served by the reason that it a unique and </p><p>different experience to witness. And probably, an </p><p>experience which you will realize only once in </p><p>your lifetime! You are getting married once, and </p><p>who doesnt want to share that happiness in a </p><p>unique manner? Thailand destination </p><p>wedding is just a unique and spectacular source </p><p>to realize the dream of a unique wedding that </p><p>everyone will remember. </p></li><li><p>Think of the reaction that your guests will witness after reading your card. Wait for </p><p>what! Wedding in Thailand! Well, they will all pack their bags for this wedding. And why </p><p>not! They might not get the opportunity to celebrate this chance ever again! Every bride </p><p>and groom dream of a mesmerizing wedding that must not only be remembered by </p><p>them but also by their guests. And do you really think that your guests will forget a </p><p>Thailand destination wedding? You know the answer inside! </p><p>As a matter of fact, Thailand </p><p>destination wedding is becoming </p><p>a popular choice among various </p><p>Indian NRIs to throw an occasion in </p><p>a region which is far different from </p><p>the Indian wedding culture but can </p><p>truly deliver the same ambiance of </p><p>Indian tradition with the touch of </p><p>Thailand rituals and royalty too. </p><p>Destinations like Phuket, Pattaya are not only honeymoon spots but popular wedding </p><p>destinations in Thailand too. And dont worry about the figures and expenses of </p><p>throwing a Thailand destination wedding, but it might surprise you to an extent </p><p>that you will be happy to throw a wedding here! </p></li><li><p>Just consider a situation where you are a bride and entering into the marriage hall. Well </p><p>yes, you are in the most beautiful ethnic gown, but you are surrounded by beautiful </p><p>ladies of Thailand dancing their national royalty in the hall. Well, you cannot surely </p><p>witness the same in a wedding in India. Such a royal appearance of two cultures and </p><p>traditions merging together is a spectacular example of unity and harmony that people </p><p>from different nations must set for each other. </p><p>And yes, the locals of Thailand love to offer their services and traditional rituals in an </p><p>Indian wedding. They are aware of the rituals followed in an Indian wedding and work </p><p>on realizing the best of those rituals delivered in the most royal and fabulous manner. </p><p>Because wedding will happen once! And its Thailand; it has to be different, right! </p><p>Source: </p><p></p></li></ul>