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Thai Style Summer Tunic crochet


  • Thai Style Summer Tunic

    Materials: thin crochet garn (100% cotton, about 160m/50g), hook 1.75

  • This is how you proceed: 1 make circular motives and join them into a ring 2 work upwards towards the neck and shoulders 3 crochet in rounds for the neckline 4 crochet the skirt downwards from the motif ring Make 10 circular motifs according to chart 1 and join them to each other horizontally as you proceed (see connecting points on chart 2). CHART 1: Circular Motif

    Continue working in circles along the upper edge (2 upper rows on the next chart). CHART 2: joining motifs

  • Continue upwards according to chart 3. Make 4 rows (1 line of triangles) and separate for front and back. Explanation for the chart: front rows 1 and 3 are shown in blue, back row 2 is shown in black. That is how you work: Row 1: sc into the arc, ch5, sc into next arc, turn the work. Row 2: ch3, 4 dc into the ch5 arc, turn the work. Row 3: ch3, dc in each dc of the previous row, dc in ch3 of the previous row; now you are back to row 1 and repeat the same for the next triangular element. CHART 3: upper part

  • Proceed with 2 separate parts. Note that you get a natural decrease line on both sides by starting shifting each new line of triangles by 1 element (photo below). Repeat rows 1 to 3 7 times for the front and 8 times for the back.

    To join front and back parts, from the outer upper corner of the back, chain 35 and join with the respective upper outer corner of the front. Repeat for the other side. Now the neckline is connected into a rind. Chart 4 shows how to work around the neckline (top 4 rows). Use the top row to work around the arm openings as well.

  • Continue with the skirt below the stripe of circular motifs. Work the last 2 rows of CHART 2 and continue according to CHART 4. CHART 5: skirt

  • Thats all!


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