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  • Established 1914

    Volume XX, Number 72 13th Waxing of First Waso 1374 ME Sunday, 1 July, 2012

    Vice-President Dr Sai Mauk KhamVice-President Dr Sai Mauk Khammeets Brazilian counterpartmeets Brazilian counterpart

    NAY PYI TAW, 30 JuneVice-President Dr Sai MaukKham met Finnish Foreign Minister Mr Erkki TuonigaTuomiosa at Pavilion 5 of Riocentro Building in Rio deJaneiro of Brazil on 20 June.

    Also present at the meeting were Deputy ForeignAffairs Minister Dr Myo Myint, Myanmar PermanentRepresentative to the United Nations U Than Swe andDirector-General of International Organizations andEconomic Department of the Ministry of Foreign AffairsU Win Naing.

    The meeting focused on Myanmars reform processes,strides for peace and economic development, and assistancesof Finland in Myanmars peace and other processes.MNA

    NAY PYI TAW, 30 JuneVice-President of the Republicof the Union of Myanmar DrSai Mauk Kham met Vice-President of Brazil Mr MichelTemer at Pavilion 5 of RiocentroBuilding in Rio de Janeiro of theFederative Republic of Brazil on21 June.

    Also present at the call togetherwith Vice-President Dr Sai Mauk

    Our Three MainNational Causes

    * Non-disintegration of the Union

    * Non-disintegration of National Solidarity

    * Perpetuation of Sovereignty

    Kham were Deputy Foreign AffairsMinister Dr Myo Myint andMyanmar PermanentRepresentative to the UnitedNations U Than Swe.

    At the meeting, they franklyexchanged views on improvingmutual relations and economicand trade development betweenthe two countries.


    Vice-President Dr Sai Mauk KhamVice-President Dr Sai Mauk Khamreceives Finnish Foreign Ministerreceives Finnish Foreign Minister

    Vice-President of the Republic of the Union of

    Myanmar Dr Sai Mauk Kham receives Vice-President

    of the Federative Republic of Brazil Mr Michel Temer

    at Pavilion 5 of Riocentro Building in Rio de Janeiro of


    NAY PYI TAW, 30 JuneThe Shan State monsoontrees planting ceremony for2012 was held in thecompound nearYandaingaung Hsutaung-

    Monsoon trees planting ceremony for2012 held in Shan State

    pyae MyoU Pagoda inLashio on 28 June morning.

    The participantsled by Shan State ChiefMinister U Sao AungMyat planted altogether

    2000 saplings of variouskinds at the designatedspots.

    After looking into thegrowing of saplings, thestate chief minister paid

    homage to the pagoda andmade cash donations tomembers of the PagodaBoard of Trustees.

    Next, the state chiefminister attended theclarification on taxesheld at the town hall andmade a speech on theoccasion.


    Vice-President Dr Sai Mauk Kham meets withFinish Foreign Minister Mr Erkki Tuoniga

    Tuomiosa at Pavilion 5 of Riocentro Buildingin Rio de Janeiro of Brazil.


    Workshop focuses salvage ofhistorical heritageDhammazedi Bell

    Indonesian delegationconcludes visit

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  • 2 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Sunday, 1 July, 2012


    The Great Bell of Dhammazedi

    Sunday, 1 July, 2012

    It remains ever unsolved lying at the bottomof a muddy confluence for four centuries hidingfrom explorers trying to spot its exact locationfor salvage. Many previous attempts to bringback the Dhammazedi Bell to its original placewere unsuccessful because of the reasonsincluding the existence of a number ofshipwrecks in the area, poor visibility and 400years of changing water currents and coursescoupled with other natural forces such as lowand high tides and silting.

    Truly, the task of searching and salvagingthe 270-ton ancient Bell is easier said thandone as it is a gigantic mission involving a lotof hidden difficulties, problems and complexmatters indicating firm commitment plusintellectual, technological, financial and humanresources for achieving success.

    Anyhow, it is a national task asDhammazedi Bell is our invaluable culturalheritage and the largest of its kind ever cast inthe world. Moreover, the Bell has many thingsto offer as its engraved writings will provideuseful historical facts and we can study ourancient art of metal casting as the copper Bellincluded an alloy of gold, silver and tin.

    In Yangon today, we held a workshop inwhich experts at home and abroad werepresenting suggestions, means and action plansfor the successful salvaging of the Great Bellof Dhammazedi.

    In addition to many suggestions andoptions, Union Minister for Information andfor Culture U Kyaw Hsan in his opening addressalso stressed the jobs value, saying, It is anational task so much important for all of usthat we must accomplish the missionsuccessfully.

    As we are going to use modern equipmentand techniques, we must also aware of theenvironment factor, the water course and thetraffic. Anyway, we are hopeful that theworkshop will be a milestone in our dedicatedtask of preserving our centuries-old culturalheritage.

    YANGON, 30 JuneTheWorkshop on Salvage ofDhammazedi Bell was heldat Chatrium Hotel onNatmauk Road, here, thismorning.

    Member of MyanmarHistorical Commission DrKhin Maung Nyunt presidedover the workshop. Memberof MHC Dr Chit San (ChitSan Win) introducedsalvage of historical heritageDhammazedi Bell.

    CEO Mr Dean Lim ofSD Mark International LLPCo recounted hisexperiences in salvage ofunderground materials andreplied to queries raised bythose present.

    In the afternoon, thesecond-session workshopwas presided over byDirector-General DawNanda Hmun of HistoricalResearch Department.Professor Dr Nyein Nyein ofMyanmar Department ofMaubin Universitysubmitted the paper onliterary evidences andPanalwe region, Rector DrCharle Than of Myanmar

    Workshop focuses on salvage of historicalheritage Dhammazedi Bell

    Mawlamyine Tree-growing ceremony hailsMyanmar Womens Day

    NAY PYI TAW, 29 JuneTo mark Myanmar WomensDay that falls on 3 July, MonState Womens AffairsAssociation andMawlamyine TownshipForest Departmentorganized to hold a tree-growing ceremony in frontof Pariyatti Dhama Beikmanin Myaynigon Ward,Mawlamyine this morning.

    Among participantswere Speaker of Mon StateHluttaw, Chief Justice ofMon State High Court,Advocate-General of thestate, Auditor-General of thestate, state ministers, State/District/ Township level

    departmental heads, socialorganization members andlocals.

    A total of 550 saplings;

    shady trees and floweryplants were planted at theceremony.


    Member of MHC Dr Chit San (Chit San Win) speaking about salvage of Dhammazedi Bell.MNA

    Maritime Universitychange of water flow atstudy on confluence ofYangon River and BagoRiver, U Nay Min Hein ofSociety of Myanmar CivilEngineers (Singapore)Method Statement ofSalvage of DhammazediBell, Daw Maw Maw(Lamin Ein-Panmyo Tayar)Dhammazedi Bell and theForeign Documenationsand U Htay Win (PyuResearcher) DhammazediBell in Panalwe River andits location.

    In the third session,Secretary of MHC Dr KyawWin presided over theworkshop. AssistantLecturer Dr Nyein Zin Lattof Port EngineeringDepartment of MMU andLecturer U Myint Thein readthe paper report on locationof probable DhammazediBell, Assistant Registrar DrTin Maung Oo of MMUConditions of Thanlyinwhile Dhammazedi Belldowned, Director U MaungMaung Than of Ministry ofEnvironmental Conser-vation and ForestryAssessment on Land useand Land cover changearound Pazundaung Creekand U Nay Tun (SeniorEngineer) way to searchexact location ofDhammazedi Bell.

    Those present took partin the discussions.

    Director-General DawNanda Hmun reviewed thediscussions.

    After the workshop,Union Minister forInformation and for CultureU Kyaw Hsan cordiallygreeted the attendees andresource persons.

    Also present on theoccasion were Union

    San San Nwe, RegionMinister for Social AffairsDr Myint Thein,Singaporean Ambassador toMyanmar Mr Robert Chua,members of MyanmarHistorical Commission,departmental heads of theMinistry of Information andMinistry of Culture andofficials of SD Mark

    Minister for EnvironmentalConservation and ForestryU Win Tun, Union Ministerfor Transport U Nyan TunAung, Yangon RegionChief Minister U MyintSwe, Deputy Minister forCulture Daw Sanda Khin,Deputy Minister forConstruction U Kyaw Lwin,Yangon Region Minister forFinance and Revenue Daw

    International LLP Co ofSingapore.

    Based on facts andfigures, suggestions andtechnologies from theworkshop, duties andfunctions were assigned andnecessary committeesformed to search and saveDhammazedi Bell in linewith the prescribed laws.


    CEO Mr Dean Lim of SD Mark InternationalLLP Co recounts experiences of the company

    in salvage of ship wrecks.MNA

    NAY PYI TAW, 30 JuneA manwas killed in a mine blast in Ayeya Wardof Myitkyina in Kachin State on 29 June.

    The mine was supposed to becarried by the man himself whichexploded as he was riding the motor cyclepast Region-3 Gym in Ayeya Ward around6 pm yesterday. The man was seriouslywounded and died on the spot. Theauthorities concerned are investigatinginto the case.MNA

    One killed in motorcycle mine blast

    YANGON, 30 JuneMyanmarBusiness Executive Group contributed grantsand note books to needy students from 37schools in Pyapon, Dedaye, and Kyaiklattownships in Ayeyawady Region yesterday.

    The contribution by the groupamounted K 16.2 million with 2490 dozens ofnote books worth K 4 million.


    MBE provides grantsand note books for

    needy students

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  • THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Sunday, 1 July, 2012 3

    BEIJING, 30 June A Chinese ForeignMinistry spokesman on Friday responded toa US State Department decision to exemptChina from sanctions over imports of Iranianoil, stressing the Asian countrys oppositionto sanctions imposed unilaterally.