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1. TGIF April 10th 2. 1.ALL OF US HAVE SEEN THIS The innovation was conceived by Bronte EcKermann, an Australian mechanical industrial designer, and created by South Australian manufacturer Zing International. It is called the Zing _____ System. He said 'Well, this is a very costly system. The entire set-up during a match costs US$ 40,000 (Rs 25 lakh approx), so I don't allow the players to _____(process) it during any celebrations. But I know ____ (person) loves keeping a souvenir ____ (thing) 3. 2.Exhaustive list what is this list Solapur Bidri Coorg Mysore Malabar Bastar Hyderabad Lucknow 4. 3. This sporting nation did not have a national anthem, as the players from multiple nationals. This sporting nation is a Confederation.Which nation ? Since they wanted a national anthem, they used David Rudder Rally around ____ Some Lyrics from the song For ten long years We ruled the ______world Now the rule seems coming to an end But down here Just a kink in the armour Is enough, enough to lose a friend 5. 4. On January 31 1948 all Indian newspapers carried the news of Mahatma Gandhi's death on the front page except one Which one and why? 6. 5. Whats the connect? 7. 6.Mnemonics for what? May I have a large container of coffee? But I must a while endeavour to reckon right" gives nine correct digits? May I have a white telephone, or pastel color? How I want a drink, alcoholic of course, after the heavy lectures involving quantum mechanics? 8. ANSWERS 9. 1. Flashing bails and wicket 10. 2. Geo patents in India ia 11. 3. West Indies David Rudder's 'Rally Round the West Indies rally_round_the_west_indies.htm 12. 4. Hindu Front page had ads 13. 5.Guy on right is Nelson the admiral David had superstition around 111 and it is called Nelson 14. 6. How I wish I could calculate pi