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  • Chemical ReUse Facility Expansion Project Lecture Bo*le Program

    We Imagine and InnovateUC Berkeley had no program in place to allow for compressed gases, even those which are unused or hardly used and in excellent condi?on, to be reused by other researchers on campus who have a need for the same product. Once a researcher has purchased a compressed gas cylinder for research purposes and no longer has need of it, whether it has been used or not, the only recourse available to that researcher is to store it as part of his chemical inventory indefinitely or to arrange for its disposal (return to the manufacturer is usually not possible for lecture bo*les). The risk/benefit of developing a ReUse program for compressed gases has historically been prohibi?ve due to logis?cal and space restraints. The College of Chemistry has now allo*ed dedicated lab space for this desirable program and has ouIi*ed it with a toxic gas storage cabinet designed & engineered for the safe storage of lecture bo*les and the safety of those occupants working nearby.

    We Include and Excel TogetherCollabora?on between the UCBs Office of Sustainability and the College of Chemistry EHS&S Program demonstrates how our aligned interests can be achieved through coopera?on and mutual support. Not only do our researchers benefit (as well as the environment at large), but our undergraduate student assistant members have also played key roles in helping to implement this new green capability into our Chemical ReUse Facility opera?on. A win / win / win for everybody!