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  • ISSN1172-4153| Volume1 | Issue7 | | 19September2008


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    By Ian Wishart Editor, TGIF Edition

    New Zealands Labour-appointed Solicitor-General David Collins QC is being allowed to remain on the job despite being the subject of a high level police investi-gation, in defiance of a constitutional convention that would require him to be stood down in the interim.

    Collins is being investigated because he gave evidence on oath to a Court of Appeal hearing last year that he had provided no legal advice or vetting on a book manuscript by author Anne Hunt, back when he was in private legal practice. However, a manuscript tabled in court showed extensive script notations in the Solicitor-Generals handwriting, raising questions about whether his sworn testimony was an attempt to pervert the course of justice.

    In other words, a very serious allegation to make against the Solicitor-General of New Zealand, par-ticularly as the allegations go to the honesty of the top Crown lawyer.

    Attorney-General Michael Cullen was already aware of the police investigation, and Prime Minis-ter Helen Clark was personally told of the case by Anne Hunt on September 4 during a visit to the Kapiti Coast:

    It was then Helen Clark was personally informed by Horowhenua District Councillor Anne Hunt that the New Zealand Police are investigating the diminutive Mr Collins in relation to a matter which occurred since he took office as Solicitor-General, reportsVinceSiemerswebsite, More pre-cisely, the alleged crime relates to section 111 of the Crimes Act 1961, and a sworn affidavit filed in the Court of Appeal last May by Collins on a book he had sought Ms Hunt to author despite the subject mat-ter being the object of a Court suppression order.

    The Court of Appeal has already acknowledged that Mr Collins had undoubtedly made quite exten-sive notations on Anne Hunts manuscript before it was published. Collins swore to the Court that he did not provide any legal advice or vetting of the manuscript. The significance is David Collins was counsel in the proceedings and had intimate knowl-edge that the book dealt with issues which had been permanently suppressed by order of Christchurch Judge Lester Chisholm. Now the police are inves-

    NZSolicitor-GeneralunderPoliceinvestigationLaw expert: he must stand down

    Parents have been left reeling after a series of food and medicine safety scares this week thats caused many to wonder about the routine assurances dosed out by regulatory agencies.

    It began with the Chinese poisonous baby milk scandal which, although New Zealand consumers were not directly affected, has nonetheless shown up glaring safety weaknesses in the testing procedures of food companies around the globe.

    The nightmare came closer to home yesterday when

    the Ministry of Health was forced to admit serious concerns about the safety of two common childrens antibiotics amoxicillin syrup and cefaclor syrup.

    The MoH announcement only came after the US Food and Drug Administration slapped an import ban on the antibiotics and a range of other medicines made by Indian pharmaceutical company Ranbaxy. The FDA surveyed Ranbaxys factories and discovered contami-nation of medicines and poor hygiene and manufactur-ing practices which made the drugs unsafe.

    New Zealands state-funded pharmaceutical agency Pharmac has been sourcing an increasing number of generic medicines from Indian compa-nies, some of which have themselves been at the centre of recent health scares in this country after numerous adverse side-effects were reported.

    The latest news to scare parents is the NZ-led research published in The Lancet medical journal in Britain today, which links paracetamol use in children to a massive increase in the risk of asthma,

    eczema and other nasties.Paracetamol is traditionally used to reduce fevers,

    which are a common side-effect of infant vaccina-tions as well as routine infections. But with the latest study showing double or triple the risk of developing asthma, parents are facing the dilemma of whether to use paracetamol as often, or at all.

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  • 19September 2008NEW ZEALAND

    StuDentS expelleD for CupCAke prAnkLOUISIANA.,(UPI)AuthoritiessaytwohighschoolstudentsinJefferson,La.,havebeenexpelledforplacingapanoflaxative-lacedcupcakesintheteach-erslounge.TheJeffersonParishSheriffsOfficesaidthestudents,seniorsatPatrickF.TaylorScienceandTechnologyAcademy,notonlyhavebeenbootedfromschoolfortheyear,theyhavebeenchargedwithminglingharmfulsubstances,WDSU-TVinNewOrleansreportedWednesday.Thesheriffsofficesaidtheprankwasuncoveredafterseveralotherstudentswarnedateachernottoeatthecupcakes.

    perSonAlly, ID move HouSe FLORIDA,(UPI)ASt.Petersburg,Fla.,womansaidaschoolbusthatstruckherhousewasatleasttheseventhvehicletocollidewithherdomicile.VirginiaZinn,40,saidtheschoolbusstrucktheoverhangingroofofherhomeatabout6a.m.Wednesdaywhileattemptingtoturnfromanunpaved10-footalleyonto12thStreetS,theSt. Petersburg Timesreportedtoday.Policeesti-matedthecostofthedamage,whichtheschooldistricthaspromisedtopay,atabout$800.Zinnsaidgarbagetrucks,commercialvehiclesandsemi-trailershaverepeatedlycrashedintothesideofherhomeduringthe11-yearsthatshehasbeenlivingthere.

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    mAn pHoneS polICe from muSeum vent SHAft KNOXVILLE,TENN.,SEPT.17(UPI)PoliceinKnoxville,Tenn.,sayamanhasbeenarrestedforburglaryafterhephonedauthoritiesandtoldthemhewasstuckinamuseumventilationshaft.KnoxvillepolicesaidAnthonySmith,25,called911shortlybefore4:30a.m.WednesdayandtoldthedispatcherhewaswedgedintheventilationsystemattheKnoxvilleMuseumofArt,WBIR-TVinKnoxvillereported.PoliceandfirefightersarrivedatthemuseumtofindSmithwedged40feetdownaventilatorshaftbutinvestigatorssaidtheyareunsureofhowhecouldhavegottenontothebuildingsroof.Authoritiessaidnothingwasdisturbedinsidethemuseum.However,Smithwasarrestedontheburglarychargeafterbeingextractedfromthetightspace.




    off BEAT

    tigating the credibility of the sworn affidavit Mr Collins provided the Court of Appeal.

    Anne Hunts book was banned for four years, and narrowly escaped a court order for its destruction after Justice John Wild set aside all evidence relat-ing to Mr Collins. Less than two weeks ago, Police Superintendent Rod Drew confirmed to kiwisfirst that the investigation was proceeding in the public interest.

    But despite both Prime Minister Clark and Attor-ney-General Cullen being formally notified of the criminal investigation into Collins, they are refusing to make Collins stand aside.

    To throw the case into even starker relief, the Governments refusal to stand down Collins until the criminal investigation is completed comes just months after a Canadian Solicitor-General, Brit-