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Retrouvez chaque semaine notre sélection des meilleures campagnes publicitaires ainsi que les temps fort du blog Reflet Communication.


  • RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationThank God Its Friday EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!#25012013REFLET COMMUNICATION*TGIF :)
  • TGIF#Guess whos back!?
  • RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationMEGAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!REFLET COMMUNICATION#NewsMega, the New MegaUpload, was launched last weekend. It has already exceeded 1 million subscribers!On YouTube, the press launch conference was censored in Germany because of a complaint by GEMA (the Management Company of Copyrightin Germany) for counterfeit.Problem: all the audio content used during the press conference is owned by Kim DotCom, who twitted that GEMA will soon receive a mail fromthe legal department of Mega... To be continued!
  • TGIF#Quote of the week!
  • RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationFound on MEGAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!REFLET COMMUNICATION#Quote of the weekAny clue* to whom this may be addressed? ;-)Three letters...
  • TGIF#Story of the week!
  • RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationFootlong ControversyREFLET COMMUNICATION#SubwayAn Australian teenagers picture of a Subway"Footlong" sandwich next to a tape measurehas gone viral and inspired three lawsuits inthe United States. (Where else!?)This is Subways response ...
  • RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationREFLET COMMUNICATION#Best Of The Tasteless Tuis BillboardsThe billboard headlines are answered by their tagline, "YeahRight."
  • RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationFor Dettol hand sanitizer!#greatAdsous-titre
  • TGIF#Digital
  • RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationIE plays with our emotions!#young in the 90s?REFLET COMMUNICATIONYou grew up. So did we. Reconnect with the new Internet Explorer. Video comes along with a hashtag, #childofthe90s,and an original blog: VideoYou are 1 click away from feeling older! :-)
  • RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationHow to crack Adobe explained by Adobe!#AdobeREFLET COMMUNICATION4 steps to crack the new Adobe Photoshop CS6 !Check this out!
  • TGIF#Occupy to get attention
  • RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationREFLET COMMUNICATION#LisboaTo claim your rights, occupy!! It is a known fact!It worked at an IKEA store in Lisbon, even reaching the island of Madeira.Check this out!
  • TGIF#Print
  • RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationA picture is worth a thousand words!Violence just like a punch in the faceREFLET COMMUNICATION#Ecovia
  • TGIF#The most powerful digitalchannel is.... People!
  • RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationLast year, they did it in Belgium and this year itzzzz in Holland! Where the F**k you from?Push to Add Drama 2REFLET COMMUNICATION#TNTClick to Add Drama
  • TGIF#Music
  • RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationWhats better than some great music to kick off theweekend!? other than a paycheck ;-)REFLET COMMUNICATION#Music
  • www.reetcommunication.comDigital Creative AgencyMerci !The difference between ordinary and extraordinary isthat little extra. Jimmy JohnsonWishing you an EXTRAordinary weekend!
  • Reet Digital NetworkNew York - London - Moscow - MumbaiSingapore - Hong Kong -Shangha - BeijingBelfort49 faubourg de France90000 BELFORTTel : +33 3 84 22 60 39Nancy38 rue St Jean54000 NANCYTel : +33 3 83 30 91 40Strasbourg2, rue Edison67450 mundolsheimTel : +33 3 83 85 00 14Farewell... until the next time!