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Retrouvez chaque semaine notre slection des meilleures campagnes publicitaires ainsi que les temps fort du blog Reflet Communication.


  • 1. ReetCommunicationStrictlycondential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationThank God Its FridaySo much to be thankful for!#23Novembre2012REFLET COMMUNICATION*TGIF :)

2. TGIF#News 3. ReetCommunicationStrictlycondential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationJames Bond gets better with age! ladies, I see you smilin.. ;)#MovieREFLET COMMUNICATIONIts DONE!Daniel Craig, you are THE champion of the James Bonds saga! The 23rd James Bond movie Skyfall has already earned $669million worldwide, becoming the biggest James Bond movie ever outstanding Qantum of solace and Casino Royal inonly a month! 4. ReetCommunicationStrictlycondential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationTime to be thankful!#ThanksgivingREFLET COMMUNICATIO NWe ALL know that every week, we are thankful for being FRIDAY :-) Oh yes, we are!!We are most of all, thankful and grateful for everything we have. Life is still hard for too many children around the world, watch this video created forthe International Childrens Fund.. We support them by spreading the word out to you and its up to you to do the same! :) 5. TGIF#Digital 6. Tester lexprience en cliquant ci-dessousReetCommunicationStrictlycondential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationSuperbe exprience pour lassociation Enfance et Partage, loccasion de la journe internationale des droits de lenfant.Ce repas en famille, qui a premire vue est on ne peut plus normal, nous montre que nous pouvons choisir de regarder la raliten face ... ou pas.Des apparences trompeuses#Child-AbuseREFLET COMMUNICATION 7. TGIF#Employee of the week 8. ReetCommunicationStrictlycondential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationNo bu******t#true storyREFLET COMMUNICATIONYes, we wonder the same!!! How did the interview go?!! :) 9. TGIF#OutOfHomeWho said OOH is boring? 10. ReetCommunicationStrictlycondential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationBenetton va trs prochainement se doter de mannequins quips de camras reconnaissance faciale..Lintrt est purement marketing: tudier lge, le sexe et lorigine ethnique des passants qui regardent la vitrine, et ainsi depouvoir ladapter en fonction.> La marque refuse pour linstant de dire o ces mannequins seront utiliss... cliquez ci-dessous pour lire larticle!Bionic Mannequins Spy on Shoppers to Boost Luxury Sales#MarketingREFLET COMMUNICATION 11. TGIF#China5FF 12. ReetCommunicationStrictlycondential:Donotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorization5 Friday Facts#Toknow!REFLET COMMUNICATION#1 Asia leads the way for mobile social media users59% of social media users in Asia Pacific engage with Facebook, Twitter and other social networks from a mobile device.Nielsens breakdown shows that more than 60% of social network users accessing sites via their mobile are from China, Indonesia, Korea,Singapore and Hong Kong. In addition, more than 50% of consumers in Asia Pacific are likely to make a purchase based on reviews on social media.#2 Sina Weibo passes 400 million usersSinas Q3 financial report revealed that Sina Weibo has passed 400 million registered users. Sina also sees more mobile traffic than PC traffic, 72% ofusers access weibo from either mobile only or mobile and PC.#3 Chinas consumer behaviour on social networking sitesAlmost 80% of Chinese social media users pay attention to commercial information. 40% of netizens said that they are interested in what is shared bytheir friends and they regarded social endorsements as a point of reference to help them with their own shopping decisions.#4 WeChat garners 1 million subscribers in Malaysia within 5 monthsWeChat has been in the limelight for a while now due its massive growth to 200 million users globally...#5 MTV becomes the first brand to garner 1 million followers on InstagramInstagram celebrated its second year anniversary this year with 100 million users and more than 5 billion photos shared since its humble beginning.Recently, it has also successfully rolled out the much anticipated web profiles. Earlier this month, MTV was announced to be the first company to havegarnered 1 million Instagram followers! 13. ReetCommunicationStrictlycondential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationExtraordinary picture#Chinamazing!!REFLET COMMUNICATIONAn extraordinary picture of a house in the middle of anewly built road in Wenling, Zhejiang province, China.StoryAn elderly couple refused to sign an agreement toallow their house to be demolished. They say thatcompensation offered is not enough to coverrebuilding costs. 14. TGIF#Music 15. ReetCommunicationStrictlycondential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationDumb Ways to Die... It has gone viral on the web!!#Dumb&viralREFLET COMMUNICATIONSet re to your hair,Poke a stick at a grizzly bearEat medicines thats out of dateUse your private parts as piranha baitDumb ways to die, so many dumb ways to die 16. TGIF#Coup D