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  • Fashion Drawing Texture

    Honoria Starbuck, Ph.D.

    Drawing by Honoria Starbuck

  • Texture -- Can you feel it?

    Tactile Texture

    You can feel the texture.

    Wearing a fur coat.

    Visual Texture

    Object in an image looks like it has texture.

    Looking at a photo or drawing of a fur coat.

  • The fur Lady GaGa is wearing has tactile texture for her and her dog.

    Her dog has Tactile Texture to her because she is touching him.

    For us, just seeing the photo and not being able to touch them, both the dog and the coat in the photo represent Visual Texture.

    When we draw, we are creating visual texture to communicate how a garment might feel.

    Photo by Wennhttp://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/08/14/lady-gaga-fur-peta_n_1774787.html

  • Play this game but turn every finger into a dress.

    Imagine each one a different texture

  • Matt T. Cuencahttp://fashionillustclass.blogspot.com/2010/11/marker-demo-sequins.html?m=1

    Repeat a simple silhouette and try to draw it in differeintmedia to get different textures.

  • Matt T. Cuencahttp://fashionillustclass.blogspot.com/2010/11/marker-demo-sequins.html?m=1

    Copy a simple silhouette and try to draw it in different media to get different textures.

    Mix you media.

    For example Try these Shade pencil over watercolorShade pencil over markerLayer different types of markersLayer pastel over markerLayer watercolor over oil pastelLayer watercolor over markerLayer white gel pen over marker

  • Markmaking from http://www.artpadcolne.co.uk/

    Collect textures in your sketchbook or on your blog or in a private album.

    Once you make textures with lots of tools and colors youll be able to match the texture with the fabric and motion you want to illustrate.

  • Feng Zhu TutorialsEpisode 27: Smoking Bug

    Entertainment designer, Feng Zhu shows how to lift color and texture from nature photographs as part of the drawing process.

    How can you use digital resources in your work?


  • Combine visual texture and tactile texture by putting

    swatches with your drawing.


  • Designer Unknown: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/fashion-design-software/?lp=true

  • What causes texture in fabric?

    Thread size

    Thread fiber content

    Natural or man-made

    Woven or knitted patterns

    Dying processes

  • Surface textureand the light

    Different surfaces reflect light differently.

    Patten leather and vynylshines with bright highlights.

    Wool softens the bouncing light.

  • Quiz

    What does Tactile Texture mean?

    Where can you find examples of texture that will be useful to your specific needs?

    If you had to draw a fur or faux fur coat what would be your first step?

  • Draw the same dress in 3 different textures.


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