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Messenger Surveys and Forms is a unique tool that allows any business to create and send data capture forms which are optimised for the screen of a mobile phone. Quite simply, that’s enabling people to complete any kind of online form via their mobile phone. Original file: http://www.textlocal.com/downloads/Textlocal-How-To-Mobile-Surveys-and-Forms.pdf


  • 1. Create mobile surveys and forms How to www.textlocal.com 1 How to
  • 2. Contents Page 3 An introduction to Messenger Surveys and Forms Page 4 Example uses for Messenger Surveys and Forms Page 5 Creating a mobile data capture form Page 10 Hints and Tips Page 11 Sending your mobile data capture form Page 13 Reporting Page 15 Pricing www.textlocal.com 2 How to
  • 3. An introduction to Messenger Surveys and Forms Messenger Surveys and Forms is a unique tool that allows any business to create and send data capture forms which are optimised for the screen of a mobile phone. Quite simply, thats enabling people to complete any kind of online form via their mobile phone. How does it work? Your Messenger account features a Surveys section which you can use to create mobile optimised web pages complete with a range of data capture tools. Like mobile web pages, surveys and forms are sent via a short link in a text message, so they are accessible by anyone with an internet enabled phone. Why mobile data capture forms? Not only is this an elegantly simple way to get your forms directly to the recipient, it provides an easy way for your form to be filled in and by just hitting submit on the screen of the mobile phone, the results are stored in your Messenger account, complete with full reports and stats. Thats not all: No cost to receive replies Create forms for free All data can be easily exported to Excel Low cost compared to other popular surveys and forms Use custom elds to personalise your forms to its recipient The great open and response rates of SMS which will drive more results for your data capture www.textlocal.com 3 How to
  • 4. Example uses Messenger Surveys and Forms can benefit any business. If there is information you need to extract from your customers, which there always is, then there is a place for Surveys and Forms in your communications. Here are a few of our suggestions: Applications forms Loans Insurance claims Educations courses Contracts Booking forms Restaurant reservations Viewings Tickets Appointments Surveys Feedback forms Opinion Thought leadership Registrations forms Brochures/ more information Newsletter Gym classes Courses Exhibitions Events Competitions Entry forms Multiple choice questions Free text entry box www.textlocal.com 4 How to
  • 5. Creating a mobile data capture form To create a mobile form, log into Messenger and click Surveys on the top navigation bar www.textlocal.com 5 How to This will show this set of options. Here you can select which of your surveys you want to launch, or start a brand new one. 1 2 3 4 1. Live surveys are those that are out in the world, being completed. 2. Draft surveys are ones you have started but not published yet 3. Retired surveys are expired and can no longer be completed 4. Click here to start a brand new survey
  • 6. Setting up your form This is where you can give your survey a title and set any time sensitive parameters. You can always come back to this section so dont worry if you need to change something later on. www.textlocal.com 6 How to 1. 2. 4. 5. 3. 1. Enter your title here. This will appear on the top of your page on the recipients hand set 2. This is a descriptive name for your reporting. Keep it simple but make it clear what you are referencing. 3. Select this option if you want people to fill in the survey more than once. This would apply if you were running a competition or something similar where users can only submit their answers once. 4. If your survey is time sensitive, this is where you can select the dates it is applicable to and from. If you do select an expiry date, set what you would like the message to be. 5. Always remember to save your settings.
  • 7. The page you see next is home to everything you need to create the survey and you can create as many pages you wish. The top four options allow you go back to the survey settings in case anything needs changing, to go back to the main menu of surveys, to send your survey when youre ready and to re-order the pages of your survey. If you choose to re-order the pages of your survey, a new box will appear where you can drag and drop the page titles into the correct order. www.textlocal.com 7 How to Setting up your survey pages These three sections are really important to building the pages of the survey. Add as many pages as you wish, or if you just want it to be one page with a submit button to the finish page, thats fine too.
  • 8. Creating the page content Below is a blank template for a survey page. The title and welcome message elements can be deleted if necessary and extra ones can be added by clicking add item to page. use the re-order items tab to drag and drop the elements in the correct order. The preview page option allows you to see exactly what your page would look like on the screen of an iPhone or a Samsung. Remember, a mobile survey can be viewed on any internet enabled phone. The Start Survey button will remain, however you can re-name this button anything you wish, it may be continue, submit or any other call- to-action that fits your type of data capture form. www.textlocal.com 8 How to Personalise your survey by mail merging in custom elds
  • 9. Adding elements to your page www.textlocal.com 9 How to DISPLAY ITEMS Title Use these three options to input a title or header and the size you want the text to be. Text Use this option to add further text to your elements. Image Upload any image to the server and select where in the page you want this to appear. DATA CAPTURE Long text area Use if you want to collect unique, free text responses Short text area For shorter responses Dropdown Pre-populate single choice drop down menu Options Multiple choice options Checkboxes Multiple choice check boxes. Use this option if you want users to be able to select more than one answer Radio buttons Single choice options. Use this option if you only want once answer to be given. Star rating Use 5 or 10 starts to canvass opinion, select how many stars you want pre-filled Date & time pickers The mobile device will provide easy to use selectors for date and time pickers Device location Select if you want to ask the user if its ok to use their current location. Hidden data eld Unique reference data/ input An element is anything you add to your page. This could be a header, an image or any form of data capture By clicking add item to page you will be shown this set of options.
  • 10. Hints and Tips www.textlocal.com 10 How to If you choose to set an end date when setting up your survey, make sure you enter some end date text to give the end user a friendly experience if they try to fill in the survey after the end date. Think about how you want to retrieve the information. Do you want the user to be able to give a unique answer or select from pre- selected answers? Remember check boxes allow users to select more than one answer, single choice means they can only choose one. Set what questions require an answer when inserting the element. If you need their email address to follow up on completed forms, make it a compulsory field when adding the element. Dont be scared to use multiple pages, scrolling a long way down the mobile screen can be off putting. Also state how many pages your form has so the user knows how close they are to finishing. Personalise your surveys with custom fields to include information specific to the recipient. Make your admin and reporting simple by renaming the pages and elements simply and logically. Use the copy option to copy images, logos or items to other pages in seconds. This is far quicker than re-uploading content. Duplicate surveys to run them again. By saving them as a separate survey you will have a completely different set of results. When using star ratings, it will be automatically set to 3 out of 5 stars. If respondents choose not to submit a rating, the results will not be skewed too much. A form can be as simple as one page and one question
  • 11. www.textlocal.com 11 How to Sending your Survey Always send a test to your handset rst Surveys and forms are sent via short links in text messages, so it is a similar process to sending basic text messages. To find out more about this please see How to send SMS text messages. There are two ways to send a mobile survey, directly from the survey creation feature, or via the Send SMS screen. To send via Surveys Once