text a stevie wonder: sunshine in the shadow x. p. fan unit 3

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  • Text A Stevie Wonder: Sunshine in the Shadow X. P. Fan Unit 3
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  • Pre-Reading ActivitiesPre-Reading Activities: have a quick look at the following words. Pre-Reading Activities athlete n a person who is very good at sports or physical exercise, especially one who competes in organized events politician n[C] a member of a government or law-making organization harmonica n[C] (Also: mouth organ)
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  • Pre-Reading ActivitiesPre-Reading Activities: have a quick look at the following words. Pre-Reading Activities porch n[C] roofed entrance built out from a house audition n[C] test performance given by a singer, actor, etc hit n successful performance charts [pl] the numbered lists produced each week of the records with the highest sales
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  • Related information Related information Stevie Wonder(1950~) Pop star Stevie Wonder, who was born blind, has been a recording artist since the age of ten. His music and songs reflect his ability to draw on diverse themes and a rich variety of musical ideas and techniques. His biggest hits include Ebony & Ivory (1982) and I Just Called to Say I Love You (1984), which won an Academy Award as best original song.
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  • Related information Related information Popular Music in the USA Jazz A kind of music originally played by black Americans with a strong beat and parts in which performers can play alone. Saxophone
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  • Related information Related information Country Music Popular music based on the folk style of the southern rural United States or on the music of cowboys in the American West. Also called country and western music. Carpenters
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  • Related information Related information Rap and Break Dance A type of popular music in which the words of a song are not sung, but spoken in time to music with a steady beat. The rap music is often accom- panied by break dance including acrobatics( ) such headspins ( ) and flips( ). a break-dancer
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  • Related information Related information Rock and Roll A type of popular music, marked by a steady beat and a strong rhythm, which is often played at high volume. Rock music combines elements of blues, country and gospel and its popularity can be traced to the mid- 1950s when Elvis Presley( ) was its most successful performer. By the early 1960s, rock and roll, which often expressed a rebellious( ) attitude towards society, became the most popular form of music for teenagers and such British groups as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were influential performers..
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  • Related information Related information Rock and Roll Since the 1960s, rock and roll has gained worldwide popularity not only among teens, but also among persons of college age and older Elvis Presley the Beatles
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  • Intensive Study break into 1) give sudden utterance to Eg: --- The audience broke into warm applause/ laughter at the end of the performance. --- The fans of the winning team broke into song. 2) begin suddenly Eg: --- The girl broke into a run at the sight of the school bus.
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  • Blind and black and poor, The adjective phrase functions as an adverbial, which normally occurs either at the beginning or the end of a sentence. Eg: ---Eager to meet her boyfriend early, Mary went to the airport 3 hours earlier than the arrival of flight. Eg: --- Mrs. Brown gazed at him speechless for a moment. Infant n[C] a baby or a very young child: Eg: ---- a newborn infant
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  • in one s wildest dreams the expression is used to imply that a particular thing is so strange or so unlikely that one has never thought of it. Eg: ---None of the neighbors, even in their wildest dreams, could ever think of that mild-mannered Mr. White is a murderer. Eg:--- In his wildest dreams he could never have expected to see her again.
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  • bring up take care of during infancy and childhood; nurse and educate Eg: ---I was brought up by my grandparents. Eg:---Though many Chinese families have only one child to bring up now, they don t feel the task easy at all.
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  • pound 1) crush or beat sth with repeated heavy strokes Eg: ---The ship was pounded to pieces against the rocks. Eg:---pound garlic (to a paste) in a mortar 2) (of the heart) beat heavily ( ) Eg: --- She could feel her heart pounding painfully as she finished the race.
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  • faintly slightly, mildly , Eg: --- I remember faintly that I ve read this article somewhere. Eg: --- Suddenly the ground started shaking faintly. Was it an earthquake?
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  • resemble look or be like Eg: --- Mary resembles her mother in many ways. Eg: --- Suddenly the ground started shaking faintly. Was it an earthquake?
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  • not until up to (the time that); as far as Rewrite the following sentences: 1.He left the library only after he got his hands on the books he needed. He did not leave the library until he got his hands on the books he needed. 2.She broke into tears only after all the guests left. She didn t break into tears until all the guests left.
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  • wear out 1)become useless or worthless as the result of use Eg: --- Cheap shoes soon wear out. Eg; --- My socks are worn out. 2) tire sb greatly; cause to become exhausted Eg: --- The kids wore me out with their screaming and crying. Eg: --- I am worn out with all this talking.
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  • as the expression used to imply the comparison of two things/ actions/ behaviors of same degree Fill in the blanks 1. Though he started to learn to operate the machine as recently as last month, he can ___ now ( ). work as fast as a skilled worker
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  • as 2. He worked very hard, but ___ ( ). couldn t perform as well as his parents had expected 3. Before he left for Shanghai, ___ ( ). He promised that he would go and see his grandparents as often as he could 4. He wrote to his friends, saying ___ ( ). that after finishing his studies abroad he would come back as soon as possible
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  • At first, they were being nice. Paraphrase: At first, they were only polite, but not really enthusiastic. The progressive tenses of be are used to express temporary activity or behavior at the moment of speaking, but not about states of mind or feeling. Eg: --- You re being very patient with me.
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  • congratulate v express pleasure at someone s accomplishment or good fortune We congratulated him on his birthday / marriage. congratulate oneself on (doing) sth : consider oneself fortunate or feel pride for (doing) sth. She congratulates herself on not looking at her age.
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  • congratulate v congratulation n[U] Eg: ---He sent her a note of congratulation on her election victory. congratulations exclamation, plural noun, something that you say when you want to congratulate someone Eg: --- "I passed my driving test yesterday." "Did you? Congratulations!"
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  • dart v 1) to move quickly or suddenly in the specified direction Eg: --- I darted behind the sofa and hid. 2) dart a glance / look at sb: to look quickly at sb She darted an angry look at me and I shut up.
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  • stick (stuck) v 1) (informal) be or become established He got the nickname Fatty on his first day at school- -- and unfortunately the name stuck.= has been used over since. 2) ~ into/ through sth: (of sth pointed) be pushed into sth and remain in position ( )
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  • hit / smash / smash hit a great success of a new play, film, book, etc Eg: --- The show was a smash hit in London and New York. Eg: --- The new toy is supposed to be a sure hit with kids. (= The new toy is supposed to be surely popular with young children.)
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  • winning adj 1) attractive or persuasive Eg: --- The child actress had a winning smile that was very impressive. Eg: --- The President is expected to settle the dispute with his winning ways. 2) having or bringing victory Eg: --- The crowd cheered the winning team that played so bravely away from home.
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  • formula n (pl las or lae (in scientific use) ) 1)any fixed or conventional method or approach; a standard or accepted way of doing or making sth Eg: --- There s no magic formula for a happy marriage. 2) (chemistry ) Eg: ---The formula for water is H 2 O 3) [U] Eg: --- Formula racing cars
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  • strike v struck cause (a person or place) to suffer severely from the effects of something very unpleasant that happens suddenly Eg: --- Exceptional flooding struck many parts of China in 1998. Eg: --- When disaster strikes, you need sympathy and practical advice.
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  • involve sb/ sth in bring sb / sth into a difficult situation Eg: --- Mike was involved in a heated argument with his professor. Eg: --- Series of scandals involved the government in a lot of trouble.
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  • fight back protect oneself by fighting Eg: --- He declared that he would fight back when attacked. Eg: --- Though surprised by the German attack, the Allied Forces fought back safely.
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  • go on doing sth go