test prep for the health professions the mcat and ??test prep for the health professions: the mcat...

Download Test Prep for the Health Professions The MCAT and ??Test Prep for the Health Professions: The MCAT and GRE. Introductions ... GRE Section Number of ... Biochemistry (25%); Biology

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  • Test Prep for the Health Professions:The MCAT and GRE

  • Introductions

    Todd Worsham

    Director of Marketing at Next Step

    Seven years in test prep and higher education

  • Why does all this matter?

  • Introduction and Overview: StructureGRE

    Section Number of Questions Allotted Time

    Analytical Writing (One section, Two timed tasks)

    One Analyze an Issue task and One Analyze an Argument task

    30 minutes per task

    Verbal Reasoning(Two sections)

    20 questions per section 30 minutes per section

    QuantitativeReasoning (Two sections)

    20 questions per section 35 minutesper section

    Un-scored Varies Varies

    Research Varies Varies

    Total Testing Time: About 4 hours

    Multi Stage Test (MST) This allows for more freedom in

    how you take the test

    On screen calculator Gift or a curse?

    Verbal section more challenging

  • GRE: Scoring Quantitative and Verbal scored on 130 170 scale, for a total of 260-


    Essay graded on 1-6 point scale.

    Official scores in 10-15 days.

    Score Select

    Score Quality/Section Verbal Quantitative Writing

    Top Scores 163+ 165+ 5.0+

    Competitive Scores 158 162 159 164 4.5

    Good Scores 152-157 153 158 4.0

    Needs Improvement 151 or less 152 or less 3.5 or below

  • GRE: Question Types


    Text Completion

    Reading Comp

    Sentence Equivalence


    Problem Solving

    Quantitative Comparison

  • GRE Sample Problem: Sentence Equivalence

  • TopGRE Prep Tips

  • The GRE is a REASONING test.

  • Think beforecalculating.

  • Answer choices tell you your options.

  • Watch the clockbut not to much

  • Use charts to organize complex problems.

  • Introductions Clara Gillan

    - Sr. Content Developer- Veteran MCAT Tutor

    Worked with hundreds of students, written and reviewed thousands of MCAT questions

    Personally achieved a 42 MCAT (14s in each section).

  • Introduction and Overview: The MCAT

    Chem/Phys Foundations: 10 Passages, 59 questions, 44 passage-based, 15 discrete

    CARS: 9 Passages, 53 questions, passage-based

    Bio/Biochem Foundations: 10 passages, 59 questions, 44 passage-based, 15 discrete

    Psych/Soc Foundations: 10 Passages, 59 questions, 44 passage-based, 15 discrete

    Lesson 1

  • Test Section Topics Tested # of Questions Time

    Tutorial (optional) - - 10 minutes

    1. Chemical and Physical Foundations

    of Biological Systems

    Biochemistry (25%); Biology (5%);

    General Chemistry (30%); Organic Chemistry (15%);

    Physics (25%)

    59 95 minutes

    Break (optional) - - 10 minutes

    2. Critical Analysis and Reasoning


    No outside knowledge needed. No natural science

    passages. All you need to answer the questions is in

    the passage. (500-600 words per passage).

    53 90 minutes

    LUNCH Break (optional) - - 30 minutes

    3. Biological and Biochemical

    Foundations of Living Systems

    Biochemistry (25%) ; Biology(65%);

    General Chemistry (5%) ; Organic Chemistry (5%)59 95 minutes

    Break (optional) - - 10 minutes

    4. Psychological, Social, and

    Biological Foundations of BehaviorBiology (5%); Psychology (65%); Sociology (35%) 59 95 minutes

    Test Time - - 6 hours, 15 minutes

    Total "Seated" Time (approx.) - - 7 hours, 30 minutes

    MCAT Exam Structure

  • MCAT Registration

    Visit AAMC.org/MCAT to register for exam

    Admin Date Score Release

    April 1 May 3

    April 23 May 24

    May 6 June 7

    May 14 June 14

    May 20 June 21

    June 2 July 6

    June 18 July 19

    July 8 August 9

    July 9 August 9

    July 22 August 23

    August 4 September 7

    August 5 September 7

    August 19 September 20

    August 20 September 20

    August 25 September 27

    September 1 October 4

    September 9 October 12

    September 10 October 12

    Choosing Your Test Date

    Admission Deadlines

    Score Release

    12-16 weeks of prepMinimal outside commitmentsConvenient location ( < 2 hours of travel)Prerequisite courses

    Rolling admissionsAMCAS ( 6/1)Committee LettersSecondary ApplicationsSpecific program requirements

    30 days between test day and score releaseNeeded for a complete application

  • MCAT Sample Problem

    Which of the following explains why the pitch of a person's resonance voice

    harmonics rises when she inhales helium instead of air?

    A. The wavelength increases due to the change in temperature from the helium


    B. The change in timbre results in a higher perceived frequency of the voice.

    C. The frequency decreases due to the change in density from the helium atoms.

    D. The speed of the sound wave remains constant regardless of changes to the

    medium through which the sound wave propagates.

  • TopMCAT Prep Tips

  • Study Group

  • Critical Analysis! Start

    early to find YOUR


  • Science content: Rule of 2s

  • Passage analysis: Note-takingand highlighting

  • Know what to expect on test day

  • Questions?

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