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test paper


Name: _______________________ Grade: VIII B


1 Put the verbs in brackets into present perfect simple or past tense simple tense:My friend is called Alison. We 1) _____________ (know) each other since we 2) ___________ (be) five years old. We 3) _____________ (always/share) our problems and our troubles, but we 4) ___________ (also/enjoy) good times together and 5) ____________ (spend) many hours laughing together. We 6) ____________ (live) next door to each other before Alison 7) ____________ (move) to London. I 8) ___________ (visit) her many times since then. She 9) _____________ (just/buy) a new house but I 10) _______________ (not/see) it yet.30

2. Give advice using should(nt), ought(nt) to:1. He looks tired.(ought to) He ______________________________ so hard.2. Anna seems a bit depressed. (should) Perhaps we ________________________ her to come to the cinema with us.3. His behaviour is appalling! (should) You _____________________ him treat you treat you like that.4. My bag is old and worn out. (ought to) You _________________ a new one.5. They have changed the date of their wedding. (should) They __________________ every wedding guest.


3. Continue the idea writing the missing clause:1. If you eat so much , ______________________________2. If the dinner is not ready, __________________________3. If it is fine tomorrow , ____________________________4. My sister will get married if _______________________5. Ill write to you if _________________________________6. Unless it rains, __________________________________7. If you call me later, ________________________________8. Be careful if you ________________________________9. Take an umbrella if ________________________________10. Dont eat the soup unless _____________________________


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