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test for primary students


TEST 18th gradeName and surname ______________________________________1. Choose the right words and make complete sentences.

1. Sue usually (gets up / is getting) up at seven oclock.2. James (doesnt write/ isnt writing) an e-mail at the moment.3. Over 1.5 billion people (speak/ are speaking) English.4. (Do you stay/ Are you staying) in a hotel or with friends this week?5. Sometimes I (fell / m felling) homesick. 5/ 2. Make questions with these answers. 1. Im going to the cinema. _________________________________________________________

2. In London.__________________________________________________________

3. No, he lives in a flat.__________________________________________________________

4. I can find my mobile.__________________________________________________________

5. No, she isnt. Shes homesick.___________________________________________________________ 10/

3. Choose the words. 1.Dan was driving home when his car ______ a tree.a. hit b. crashed c. fell2.Ther was a fierce storm and a lot of boats _______ because of the bad weather.a. sailed b. landed c. sank 3. When a President went into the room everyone ______ up and smiled.a. jumped b. flew c. fell 4. The plane _______ in Madrid and everyone got off.a. flew b. landed c. crashed5. Martin _____ and hurt his knee when he was playing football yesterday. a. hit b. fell c. crashed 5/ 4. Describe actions and situations in progress in the past (use past continuous).

1. Their boat hit a whale when they ____________________ (sail) to France.2. Our English teacher got very angry because we ______________________ (not listen).3. I couldnt watch the film list night. Our television _____________________ (not work).4. I didnt hear the phone because everyone ____________________ (talk).5. The old man didnt see the Stop sign because he__________________ (not wear) his glasses. 10/

5. How do you say these sentences in your language?

1. Hang on a minute. _________________________________________________

2. Are you free on Saturday night? _______________________________________________________

3. It isnt my fault. ______________________________

4. Dont worry about it. ________________________________________

5. It doesnt matter. _________________________________________

6. Thats funny. I didnt see you at the party. __________________________________________________

7. Pleased to meet you. _____________________________________

8. Whats the matter? ____________________________________

9. Mikes an old friend. ___________________________________

10. This is our teacher, Mrs Webster. _________________________________ 20/

Total: 50/