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1. Card tricksBy: JL 2. What is a card trick? A card trick is a branch of illusion that deals withcreating effects using sleight of hand techniquesinvolving playing cards. 3. Techniques of doing a cardtrick Some techniques that magicians use are sleight ofhand, a false cut, a false deal or a set up. Andanother big one is the distraction. Some magiciansgo on about another topic while they set the deckup. 4. And here is an example ofa card trick Part 1 5. And here is an example ofa card trick Part 2 6. Teaching my TrickThe name of my trick is called Kings and Queens.For the trick, I make the audience think that they are tryingto pick cards to find a match in card value. The trick is that Ihave already set up the matching cards for them.For this trick I use the following techniques:Sleight Set UpFalse Shuffle 7. Steps Before going in front of youraudience, you need to set upthe deck before performingyour trick. To set up thedeck, remove the kings andqueens from the deck.Place three queens andthree kings onto the top ofthe deck in the same order(king of clubs, queen ofclubs, king of hearts, queenof hearts, etc.). Place theremaining king and queen atthe bottom of the deck. 8. Steps While in front of youraudience, perform a falseshuffle with your set updeck to appear that you areshuffling the deck to makethe cards seem random. To perform a false shuffle,the bottom and top cardswill not be shuffled but it willappear that the completedeck is shuffled. 9. Steps Next, start making threepiles and ask someone inyour audience to tell youwhen to stop. When you aretold to stop, flip over thecards on top and stack theminto piles with the cardsremaining face up and putthem underneath theremaining cards in yourdeck. The Kings and Queens willremain together on top of theface up cards in the middleof the deck. 10. Steps Next, start making one pileuntil your audience tellsyou to stop. This face upcard will be anotherplaceholder for the kingsand queens in your deck. 11. Steps Last, find your face up cards inthe deck and place them in arow on the table. Put the cardon top of the face up card on thetable as well (these are yourkings). Put the top portion of the cardsfrom your remaining deck infront of each face up card (thebottom of these decks are yourqueens). Last, flip over the card on top ofthe face up card to reveal yourking, and flip over the bottomcard from your remaining deckto reveal your queen.


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