teresópolis 2011 - lições para gerenciar riscos

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 What was the Terespolis 2011? The keys to make the changes.


 Terespolis, work to do Managing Risk for Development Whether risks are systemic or idiosyncratic, imposed or taken on voluntarily, development can occur only by successfully confronting risk and pursuing opportunity. World Bank Overview 2014 The biggest natural disaster in Brazil Terespolis: Febrary of 2011 10 regions affected 35,000 peoples homeless 905 deads (population : 163,805 font: IBGE 2010) recovery investment: R$ 3 billions. Font: Wikipedia Imagem: O Globo What was promised? R$ 750 millions from Federal Government 6,000 houses Font: Wikipedia Imagem: Diario Litoral What was done? The money never gone to affected people, was used to the benefit of the local politics and your friends of the construction enterprises Mayor left the government for corruption the people still waiting for the houses Imagem: Veja Abril Managing Risk for Development Actions to Terespolis Font: Wikipedia Managing Risk Save lives Prevent Crisis Mitigate losses Pursuing Opportunities Save lives Information for the people about the Risk involved Share experience, making a group decision Learn with other countries, using the experience MANAGING RISK: Historical rain data. Disaster plan. Obtaining knowledge. NO BARRIERS NO OBSTACLES PEOPLE PARTICIPATION Prevent Crisis Protect the environment and community Formal insurances to community MANAGING RISK: Work with the community to act. Insurance programs to transfer resources. NO BARRIERS NO OBSTACLES PEOPLE PARTICIPATION Mitigate Losses Risk preparation beneficial in averting costs People be more willing to undertake new ventures MANAGING RISK: Indentify critical gap. Create long-term perspective. NO BARRIERS NO OBSTACLES PEOPLE PARTICIPATION Pursuing Opportunities Technologies to compute data Create coping actions Reserve of resources: pay less before, that pay more after MANAGING RISK: Analyze the barriers and obstacles to manage the risk. Create a guiding principle for analyze the actions. NO BARRIERS NO OBSTACLES PEOPLE PARTICIPATION Components of Risk management Knowledge the people without information, occupy any region. Government without capacity or interesting to control the illegal occupancy is a problem for managing risk. Insurance the money transfer have to be directly to the affected people, they know the necessities of the family. Coping With planning and people participation, the resources will be useful and less expensive. Protection the preserved area have to be restricted, but without planning, the city not will be prepare to grow and to development. Terespolis 2011 (we will never forget)