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<ul><li><p>7/30/2019 Ten Tips for Questionnaires</p><p> 1/2</p><p>TEN TIPS FOR QUESTIONNAIRES ON EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION</p><p>1. What is the 'primary aim' of your company? Your employees may be more motivated if they</p><p>understand the primary aim of your business. Ask questions to establish how clear they are about</p><p>your company's principles, priorities and mission.</p><p>2. What obstacles stop employees performing to best effect? Questionnaires on employee</p><p>motivation should include questions about what employees are tolerating in their work and home</p><p>lives. The company can eliminate practices that zap motivation.</p><p>3. What really motivates your staff? It is often assumed that all people are motivated by the samethings. Actually we are motivated by a whole range of factors. Include questions to elicit what</p><p>really motivates employees, including learning about their values. Are they motivated by</p><p>financial rewards, status, praise and acknowledgment, competition, job security, public</p><p>recognition, fear, perfectionism, results?</p><p>4. Do employees feel empowered? Do your employees feel they have job descriptions that give</p><p>them some autonomy and allow them to find their own solutions or are they given a list of tasks</p><p>to perform and simply told what to do?</p><p>5. Are there any recent changes in the company that might have affected motivation? If your</p><p>company has made redundancies, imposed a recruitment freeze or lost a number of key people</p><p>this will have an effect on motivation. Collect information from employees about their fears,</p><p>thoughts and concerns relating to these events. Even if they are unfounded, treat them with</p><p>respect and honesty.</p><p>6. What are the patterns of motivation in your company? Who is most motivated and why? What</p><p>lessons can you learn from patches of high and low motivation in your company?</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Ten Tips for Questionnaires</p><p> 2/2</p><p>7. Are employee goals and company goals aligned? First, the company needs to establish how it</p><p>wants individuals to spend their time based on what is most valuable. Secondly this needs to</p><p>be compared with how individuals actually spend their time. You may find employees are highly</p><p>motivated but about the "wrong" priorities.</p><p>8. How do employees feel about the company? Do they feel safe, loyal, valued and taken care</p><p>of? Or do they feel taken advantage of, dispensable and invisible? Ask them what would</p><p>improve their loyalty and commitment.</p><p>9. How involved are employees in company development? Do they feel listened to and heard?</p><p>Are they consulted? And, if they are consulted, are their opinions taken seriously? Are there</p><p>regular opportunities for them to give feedback?</p><p>10. Is the company's internal image consistent with its external one? Your company may present</p><p>itself to the world as the 'caring airline', 'the forward thinking technology company' or the</p><p>'family hotel chain'. Your employees would have been influenced, and their expectations set, to</p><p>this image when they joined your company. If you do not mirror this image within your company</p><p>in the way you treat employees you may notice motivation problems. Find out what the disparity</p><p>is between the employees image of the company from the outside and from the inside.</p></li></ul>