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  • 1. 10+ reasons why finance brands should use Outdoor

2. The people you reach most with outdoor are the people you most want to reach
Mobility is strongly correlated to affluence
The heaviest outdoor audience, ie those seeing the most outdoor ads, have the most disposable income
Outdoor fills an important gap by over-deliveringlight TV viewers
3. Outdoor offers real scale and impact to financial advertisers
The outdoor medium can generate unmissable messages
Large format ads are great announcement vehicles. They bestow importance and credibility onto brands
4. Outdoor is proven to build strong brand equity
According to Mindshare research*, confident and successful brands over-invest in outdoor (11%+ share of media spend)
Such outdoor brands score highly against attributes such as desirable, trustworthy, wise, straightforward and fun
*Mindshare The Brand Building Power of Outdoor 2010
5. Outdoor is the most visual medium
Outdoor cannot be missed, turned off, switched over or zapped
Its the most visual medium and it is tremendous for branding, awareness and recognition
6. Placement capability = ability to target by audience, context, mindset
Different formats offer diverse but well-defined audience targeting opportunities
This is useful for context / mindset and for pinpointing eg high net worth individuals, commuters, homeowners, students, drivers etc
7. Outdoor delivers audiences other brands cannot reach
Outdoor delivers high levels of coverage and frequency
In mixed media campaigns, outdoor typically adds 10%-15% net audience reach, and more than doubles the OTS delivery
8. 24 hours a day, seven days a week
The message is always visible
People constantly think about their finances, so it makes sense to have continuous presence
9. Outdoor can offer colourful life and street presence to financial campaigns
Outdoor offers creative opportunity to excite and raise awareness with the use of colour
Important in a sector where colours are owned by brands
10. Top financial advertisers trust outdoor
Biggest spending 50 finance advertisers in outdoor 2010 (average spend 1.1m)
Lloyds TSB, Santander, Natwest, Halifax, Nationwide, Royal Bank of Scotland, American Express, Confused.com, Aviva, Swiftcover, Capital One, HSBC, Axa Sun Life, Accenture, Barclays, Bank of Scotland, LV Group, Hiscox, Mastercard, ING, Standard Life, More Than, Admiral, Henderson Global, Zurich Bank, First Direct, Jupiter Unit Trust, Insure & Go, Diners Club, Artemis, Tesco Bank, Visa, Forex Capital Markets, Allianz Cornhill, Zurich Insurance, Columbus Travel Insurance, Investec Bank, Fidelity, Paypal, Tradepoint, Neptune, Travelex, Western Union, Aberd Asset Managers, JPMorgan Chase,Experian, Endsleigh Insurance, Guarantee Trust, Clydesdale Bank, Cooperative Financial Services
Source: Nielsen Media Research
11. Proven effective

  • Brand Science research shows the ROI for Finance advertisers using outdoor (see research section on Outdoor Media Centre website)

12. A number of recent case studies have attested to the power of outdoor