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MapInfo Pro 12.5 x64

Ten reasons to use the 64 bit MapInfo Pro!!!


The ListEasier to learn, easier to use. Geocoding for all! Access to the Pitney Bowes Global GeocoderInteractive thematic mappingImproved performanceBreak down barriers with the Extended TAB fileMake MapInfo Pro work for you. Customize it!More data format supportFaster RasterNew Layout DesignerBackwards compatibility of data, workspaces and applications

And for developers: Improvements to MapBasic

Resources to help you make the transition

V02 2016-11


1) New ribbon based user interface is easier to learn and easier to use.


Easier to learn, easier to useTop 10 reasons to go 64 bit | MapInfo Pro | Pitney BowesSupport for multiple monitors.Auto save and Auto backup for workspaces.Instant feedback (mouse over or preview click)New Tool Manager makes it easier to find and use MapBasic add-ons.Searchable and configurable Workspace Explorer.Mini-toolbar provides quick access to commonly used capabilities.Backstage area (PRO tab) provides easy access to preferences, updates, license info and more.Better Window control: Hide, clone, rename any window.Benefit from what you already know! The user interface has much in common with popular Windows applications..

Instant feedback with the Label Rules gallery

Mini-toolbarAuto Save workspaces

The Label Rules gallery allows you to quickly see combinations of label settings that work well together. There are other examples in the software, such as in thematic mapping and changing layer settings (the STYLE tab) that also provide quick feedback on your choices.

The Mini-toolbar is accessed by right-clicking in the Map window. Weve had positive feedback from customers on this. It provides very quick access to a number of tools and capabilities.

The Workspace Explorer is a combination of Layer Control and the Table List window. One thing that is new is that it is searchable. If you are working with a large number of open tables you can quickly and easily find the one you need to work with by using the search box. Furthermore this tool is configurable. You can control which capabilities are included and which are excluded. You can still have separate layer control and table list windows, if desired.

See the end of this presentation for an article with tips on using the ribbon interface.


2) Geocoding for all!Get your data on the map with the Pitney Bowes Global Geocoder

Geocoding for all!6Starting in MapInfo Pro v16.0 every MapInfo Pro user can access the Pitney Bowes online Global Geocoder.Requires signing up for an account.1000 credits per month (per user)City/postal level geocode = 1 credit per geocodeStreet level (or better) = 5 credits per geocodePremium Services customers receive 2000 credits per month (per user)Upgrade plans available for those who require additional geocoding.Easy to sign up and you get a monthly allocation of credits for as long as MapInfo Pro is maintained.

Top 10 reasons to go 64 bit | MapInfo Pro | Pitney Bowes

In MapInfo Pro v16.0 we are offering all MapInfo Pro users credits to use the online Global Geocoder in the PB Commerce Cloud. This is a first step. In future releases we will provide access to more services. There will be more ways to use your allocation of credits.6

3) Interactive Thematic MappingSee it faster, solve it sooner!

New Interactive Thematic Mapping

More easily visualise and analyse data with the new Theme ribbon tabNew color palettesInteractive ranges now appear in the layers listChange thematic map settings interactivelyChange the column being mapped with a couple of clicks

This is a major enhancement to the thematic mapping capabilities. Of particular note is it is very easy to change the particular data column you are mapping.8

4) Performance ImprovementsGet more done in less time!


Performance ImprovementsTop 10 reasons to go 64 bit | MapInfo Pro | Pitney BowesImproved performance on SQL Select filtering.Improved performance on Map querying.Improved rendering of large point file tables.Use of more memory in the 64 bit MapInfo Pro improves performance on a variety of tasks.Improved display performance for raster dataMulti-resolution raster format performs well at any data size.Pyramiding technique applied to other raster formats for fast display at any zoom level.Faster raster processing and analysis capabilities (MapInfo Pro Advanced)

At the end of this presentation is a link to an article which will provide some specific examples of performance improvements.10

5) Breaking down barriers with the new Extended TAB file formatHave large data files? Is that 2 GB file size limit getting in your way?

New Extended TAB file formatSupport for files larger than 2 GB in sizeSupport for up to 1000 columns in a tableIncreased number of indexesUnicode (UTF-8 or UTF-16) character set support

The Extended TAB file format was introduced in MapInfo Pro v15.2. It is not supported in the 32 bit versions.

In MapInfo Pro v16.0 a further improvement was made to allow tables to have up to 1000 columns. The previous limit was 254.12

6) Make MapInfo Pro work for you: Customize it!No programming required!


Customize the interface to suit your needsTop 10 reasons to go 64 bit | MapInfo Pro | Pitney BowesCustomizable Quick Access ToolbarCustomizable Ribbon (add your own Ribbon Tabs and/or Groups)Create your own keyboard shortcuts. Assign any command to any key combination.

Preferences to configure the Workspace Explorer, window behaviour and lots more.New Tool Manager easier to manage your tools and add-ins.

The Quick Access ToolbarEasy configuration, no programming.

The top three items on this slide refer to customizing aspects of the user interface. The bottom two items are about configuring the environment.

Anyone who has customized the Quick Access Toolbar in an Office application will find the process to be familiar in MapInfo Pro.14

7) Support for more data formatsGet access to the data you need!Share data more easily!

Data format supportTop 10 reasons to go 64 bit | MapInfo Pro | Pitney BowesGet access to the data you needOGC GeoPackage format store multiple sets of data in a single file.OGC Web Feature Service (WFS) version 2.0 support.OGC Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) support.

USGS Topo Imagery Map

Geoscience Australia: Proximity to power lines

PDOK Netherlands background mapWMTS Examples

8) Faster Raster! Great display and visualisation with raster data of virtually any size!Take your analysis to the next level with MapInfo Pro Advanced

Faster Raster! All MapInfo Pro users working with the 64 bit version get access to the super fast visualisation and display capabilities of our next generation raster engine.Turn up the speed of your GIS with MapInfo Pro AdvancedAn optional add-on for MapInfo ProWork with huge raster datasets (terabytes)Visualise and analyse the data using a host of raster grid techniques.An example: 5 meter resolution Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of Australia derived from 236 individual LiDAR surveys (245,000 square kilometres, 3.3 Terabytes of data). http://www.ga.gov.au/elvis/ Using MapInfo Pro Advanced the data was merged into a single multi-resolution raster (MRR) file of 36 GB in size (98% compression). This file opens instantly and can be panned and zoomed (and more) in real time.

MapInfo Pro Advanced provides next generation raster GIS visualization and analysis capabilities. This is an add-on for MapInfo Pro. As it says on the slide, all MapInfo Pro users benefit from the support for the raster data formats. The Advanced version is required for using the various raster processing tools.

All users of MapInfo Pro v15.2 and v16.0 can start a trial of the full Advanced version capabilities. In the PRO tab look at the Licensing page and click to start your 30 day trial.18

9) New Layout DesignerPrepare your maps for output more quickly and easily


New Layout DesignerNo more switching back and forth between your Map and Layout work directly on Layout canvas.New graticule (dynamic or static).Grids and guidelines for easy alignment.Better support for using images.Layout is WYSIWYG.Scale bars directly on Layout page.

The Layout Designer provides key capabilities that were not present in the old Layout window. A major improvement is the ability to change the contents of your Map (or Browser) windows without leaving the Layout canvas. This is very different from the old Layout window. In the past you would have to make a change in the Map and then switch to the Layout to see how it would look. This was particularly difficult when trying to do custom labeling.20

10) Backwards compatibilityBring your existing maps and data into the 64 bit version

Backwards compatibility of data, Workspaces and MapBasic applicationsData tables created in older versions of MapInfo Pro can be opened in the 64 bit version.

MapInfo TAB files created in the 64 bit version can be opened in earlier versions. An exception are tables in the new Extended TAB file format.

Workspaces created in the 32 bit versions of MapInfo Pro will open in the 64 bit version.

MapBasic applications are compatible, with some exceptions on deprecated functionality and external code.

Of particular note in MapInfo Pro v16.0 is that weve added support for more text display attributes in the Layout Designer. Underline, expanded, ALL CAPITALS and background colors for text are supported. These settings will be reproduced from workspaces containing legacy Layout windows.


For Developers: Improvements to MapBasic


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