Ten Presentation Tips for Movie Lovers

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2. Craft a thoughtful plan based on what you want theaudience to achieve. Do this in a setting where you feelcreative. The garden. The shower. The coffee shop.Anywhere but the computer. The Godfather, 1972 3. Revise your speech. Make it half as long. Keep trimmingthe message until its blood simple.A River Runs Through It, 1992 4. Steve Jobs rehearses tirelessly for his presentations. Thatswhy they look so effortless. There are no shortcuts: Greatpresentations take lots and lots of practice.Napoleon Dynamite, 2004 5. Why distract your audience? Keep a clean desktopthats free of background images, application shortcuts,folders and files.American Psycho, 2000 6. If youre using slides, keep a second copy on a flash drive.And a third copy online somewhere.You never know, you know?Multiplicity, 1996 7. When you dont really care much about yourtopic, it shows.Your audience can smell a phony a mile away. Sideways, 2004 8. Heres a great way to avoid making mistakes whenpresenting software: Visualize every keyboard and mousemovement before you start clicking away.Searching for Bobby Fischer, 1993 9. Attempting to memorize an entire speech word for wordis a tall order. Dont be afraid to keep visual cues handy. Memento, 2000 10. Great things happen when you loosen up andenjoy yourself. Real Genius, 1985 11. After all the planning and preparation, after all thewriting and rehearsing... you should have no troublebelieving in your ability.Youre going to give a game-changing presentation.Fright Night, 1985 12. Thank you.mattgambino.com