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<ul><li><p>TenInternet SafetyTips For Kids</p><p>TEN</p><p> INTE</p><p>RNET</p><p> SAF</p><p>TEY </p><p>TIPS</p><p> FO</p><p>R KI</p><p>DS</p><p>These safety tipsare based in part</p><p>on the FBIsSafety Tips for Kids</p><p>on the Internetlocated at</p><p>www.fbi.gov</p><p>Somerset County Prosecutors OfficeWayne J. Forrest, Prosecutor</p><p>40 North Bridge StreetP.O. Box 3000 Somerville, NJ 08876-1262</p><p>908-231-7100</p><p>www.scpo.net</p><p>TIPS HOTLINE 1-888-577-TIPS (8477)</p><p>Somerset CountyProsecutors Office</p><p>Wayne J. ForrestProsecutor</p><p>For cool stuffvisit the</p><p>following sites:</p><p>lycoszone.comkidsplanet.comkidsprivacy.com</p><p>Remember Kids....Sites are not supposed to collectmore information about you thanthey need for the activity you wantto participate in. You should be ableto participate in many activitiesonline without having to give anyinformation about yourself.</p></li><li><p>Never give out personal infor-mation, such as your name, homeaddress, telephone number,school name or mascot in a publicmessage (for example: chat roomsor bulletin boards). Also, neversend a person a picture of yourselfwithout first checking with yourparent or guardian.</p><p>Do not set up a User Profileon any Internet provider. Peopleyou do not know will be able toobtain personal information simplyby looking up your profile. If youalready have a profile, you shouldconsider deleting it.</p><p>Be sure you are dealing withsomeone who you and yourparents know and trust beforegiving out any personal informa-tion via E-mail or Instant Messages.Also, be aware that by calling an800 number or calling collect,strangers can get your phonenumber.</p><p>Ten Internet Safety Tips For Kids</p><p>Never respond to messages orbulletin board items that are:Suggestive, Obscene, Hostile,Threatening or Make you feeluncomfortable.</p><p>If you come across any infor-mation that makes you feeluncomfortable, tell your parentor guardian right away.</p><p>Be careful when someoneoffers you something fornothing, such as gifts or money.Be especially careful about anyoffers that involve meeting some-one or having someone come toyour house.</p><p>Never arrange a face-to-facemeeting without telling yourparent or guardian. If yourparent or guardian agrees to themeeting, make sure you meet in apublic place, and have that parentor guardian with you.</p><p>Dont tell other kids yourpassword or user I.D. If otherkids have your password, theycould pretend to be you on-line.</p><p>Remember that people on-linemay not be who they seem.Someone indicating that she is a12-year-old girl could actually bemuch older, and of the oppositesex.</p><p>If you receive any messagesthat make you feel uncomfort-able, or view information thatappears to be criminal, tell yourparent or guardian right away, andplease contact your local policedepartment or the SomersetCounty Prosecutors Office at(908) 231-7100. If you prefer, youcan call the Somerset CountyProsecutors Office anonymousCrime TIPS Hotline at1-888-577-TIPS (8477) oron-line at www.scpo.net</p><p>10</p><p>1 4</p><p>2</p><p>3 7</p><p>6</p><p>5</p><p>8</p><p>9</p></li></ul>