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<ul><li>1.The Practical Teachers Toolkit Ten Effective Teaching Strategies </li></ul> <p>2. Programme Vocabulary Explain the rule Grouping/Sorting Compare and contrast Idea input Representing learning/ Summarisation Explain back Lesson link/Revision Classroom sharing Feedback 3. #1.Vocabulary Word Flowgram - Environment (Geography) Word grid - Photosynthesis (Science) What-How-Why - Percentages (Maths) 4. Photosynthesis 5. Word Grid chlorophyl growth fundamentally process photosynthesis oxygen sunlight green carbon dioxide 6. What-How-Why percentage proportion fraction out of part divide split nd simplify group how much 7. #2. Explain the rule Semi-Colons (English) Short Division (Maths) 8. #3. Grouping/Sorting Recruitment posters - History 9. #4. Compare and Contrast Cells vs.Atoms Rules vs. Laws Global issues vs. Local issues One character vs.Another character Reciprocal summarisation (English task) Example and non-example 10. #5. Idea Input Evaluate/ Analyse/ Process ideas Apply ideas Generate/ Identify ideas Generate for/against arguments Choose argument/ sort into order Write persuasive piece 11. *size *how fresh *shape *surface area *type of plant they come from *colour *thickness 12. New Boy 13. New Boy Fact or Interpretation 14. #6. Representing Learning/Summarising Rainforests (Geography) All-Many-Some-One (Schools) 15. #7. Explain Back Short Division 16. Explain Back 17. Explain Back 18. #8. Lesson Link Photosynthesis Fact/example Opinion/Comment Question 19. #9. Classroom Sharing Turn and talk / snowballing Whiteboard post-it-notes Visual reporting back 20. Classroom Sharing 21. #10. Feedback Rapid Meaningful Opportunity for application 22. Feedback Recognising feedback moments 23. Feedback Planning for feedback 24. Inspiring teaching 25. Thank you... </p>