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This has got to be a great place to visit as well. I receive several PowerPoint presentations through e-mail, so I thought I'd share them. I just post them. I didn't creat them :) www.PowerLegacy.Com


  • 1. The temple of tigersIn 1999 the inhabiatants of a little village in the provinceof Kanchanaburi, Thailand, found in the forest two injured baby tigers whose parents had been killed bypoachers Cliquez.

2. Not knowing what to do with them they took them to the Bhuddist temple Wat Pha Luang where theywere housed and cared for by the monks The Temple tigers wake to see the day 3. Since then many orphaned baby tigers have been taken there and raised by the monks 4. The tigers are tame and used to eating only cooked meat in order to avoid developing a taste for blood They are treated like members of the temple family 5. Phra Acham Phusit 6. It is a communal placeconsidered a sanctuary for animalsand preservationcentre 7. The temple is opento tourists 8. The employees keep the tigers under controland are ready to intervene if they becomeagitated. 9. The visitors are invited to leave a donationif they wish to be photographed with thetigers. 10. It is the only place in the world where it is possible to pat free tigers. 11. 27 Aot 2008