Temple Mount and Solomon’s Temple

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  1. 1. Temple Mountand Solomons Temple
  2. 2. Jews trace their spiritual and historical connection to Jerusalem to as early as the 10th BCE during the building of the Temple of Solomon. Temple MountAnd Solomons Temple
  3. 3. Temple MountAnd Solomons Temple Temple Mount (referred to as the Al-Aqsa or Haram Al-Sharif by Muslims) is one of the most contested religious sites in the world.
  4. 4. Temple MountAnd Solomons Temple Solomons temple was built on Temple Mount (the Al-Aqsa site or referred to as Haram Al-Sharif or Noble Sanctuary). Jews also refer to that site as Mount Moriah.
  5. 5. Jews believe that at the Al-Aqsa site (Temple Mount) Abraham had built an altar on which he prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac.Temple MountAnd Solomons Temple
  6. 6. The temple in Jerusalem is associated with many stories that can be found in Islamic and Jewish texts.Temple MountAnd Solomons Temple
  7. 7. According to Jewish texts, Jeroboam I, the first king of Israel (around 10th century BC), is known to have introduced a golden calf in the Jerusalem temples. Temple MountAnd Solomons Temple
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