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ROYALITY REDEFINEDtemple jewellery pendants collection BY MADHURYA Royality redefined collection is inspired by the temple jewellery that dates back to the 9th century. These divine looking jewelry beautified the appearances of gods and goddesses in temples. Later they were extremely popular among the kings and queens .

The inspiration Inspired from INDIA (sone ki chidia )

All these jewels could only speak, what stories they could tell !!!

Of their dark homes within the bowels of earth Of being wrenched out Traded and transported over great distances to workshops and ateliers to be lovingly fashioned to grace the bodys of gods ,men and women They could tell stories of war, intrigue and love

so many epithets have been used to describe the wealth that was India None seems more apt than Ssone ki chidia the bird of gold for over 5000 years ..

The uma maheshvara padakam is inspired by the sculpture of chola period(penugonda anantapur Dt;Nolamba ,A.D 900-1000 Madras ). The sculpture in these times showcase the great variety of jewels made and gifted to the temples .to present an offering devoid of decoration was antithetical to the Indian idea that only things covered with ornaments are beautiful .

Uma- maheshvara padakam

Krishna with the flute padakam

Inspired by the sculpture ofthe complex Somnathpur , built in 1268 by Somanatha Danayaka the commander of the Hoysala army. Such projects, financed by the king or military figures, were common in the Hoysala period and were often a political statement.It was a way of declaring a royal presence, particularly when the Hoysala kingdom had become large and difficult to control.

Ganesha padakam

Inspired from the Annegudde Temple.Long ago when this area was hit by drought, sage Agasthya came here to perform yagna to please the rain god. During that time the demon Kumbhasura tried to disrupt the yagna by troubling sages performing the yagna. To rescue the sages Lord Ganesha blessed Bheema, the strongest among the Pandavas(In their exile period) with a sword, using which Bheema killed the demon and facilitated the completion of the yagna. Hence the name Kumbashi. The name Anegudde comes from Aane (elephant) and Gudde (hillock), as it is the abode of the elephant-headed god, Sri Vinayaka.One of the best known Ganesha temples in Udupi District is that of Shri Maha Ganapathi at Anegudde. Anegudde is one of the seven Mukti Sthalas (Parashurama Kshetra)in coastal Karnataka.Here, Lord Ganapathi is also called, Siddhi Vinakaya and Sarva Siddhi Pradaayaka, the provider of all boons.

Uma-maheshwar padakam

Gaurishankar padakam inspired by the ornament of 19th century tamil nadu .shiva and parvati ,seated on their vehicle ,the bull rishabha ,are representative of the power and energy of the lord as dissolver .these jewels reiterated mans subservience to god .


Inspired from the ornaments of 1920s .An intricately cast South Indian silver(gold plated) pendant with a figure of seated Shiva and Parvati on Nandi, flanked by kemp stone surround by semi precious cut diamond, suspended to peacock motifs in kemp stone to a gold plated bead chain.

Lakshmi haar

Laksmi haar is inspired by the ornaments of 19th century tamil nadu,.as symbol of wealth and prosperity ,rendering s of the goddess lakshmi .these type of jewels were usually given to men in that period in recognition of valour and achievement in the arts.

India ,is the most agreable abode on the earth ,and the most pleasant quarter of the world .Its dust is purer than air ,and its air purer than purity itself;its delightful plains resemble the garden of paradise,and the particles of its earth are like rubies and corals.

Dancing krishna padakam

The dancing krishna padakam is inspired from the hair ornament of 19th century tamil nadu surmounted with the figure of krishna dancing on a coiled serpant,the entire piece is minutely worked to celebrate the legends associated with the life of krishna

Radha krishna padakam

Radha krishna padakam is inspired by the 18th century ,religious theme of radha krishnas love had become popular subjects for the craftsmen in that period .the padakam was inspired by the reminiscent of miniature painting of the time,depiting radha krishna the embodiment of love

Vishnu padakam

Inspired from the ornament of 1940's, Designed as the figure of Lord Vishnu curved in silver, the entire pendant accented with kemp stone mounted in silver

Lakshmi padakam

Laksmi haar is inspired by the ornaments of 19th century tamil nadu,.as symbol of wealth and prosperity ,rendering s of the goddess lakshmi .these type of jewels were usually given to men in that period in recognition of valour and achievement in the arts.

Mayura haar

Inspired by the ornaments of 19th century of tamil nadu .the large pendant is adorned with peacocks on the top and in the centre studded with kemp stone .many south indian ornaments were narrative in character ,in their rich symbolism and iconic character ,forms and designs were closely associated with the many myths and lagends associated with the lives of the many gods and goddesses.

Krishna and the gopis padakam

Krishna and the gopis padakam is inspired by the jewellery of 18th century,the theme of krishna and the gopis is rendered in 3 dimensional repousse in silver .the jewel becomes the story board of myths and legends ,few examples of jewels from this period survive .paintings of this period depict the fashions of the time,necklaces set with gems ,strings of pearl who sought to recreate the glory of the mughal empire in south india .

o women ,you are not merely thehandiwork of god ,but also of men these are ever endowing you with beauty from their heart .Poets are weaving for you a web with the threads of golden imagery;painters are giving your form ever new immortality .The sea gives its pearls ,the mines their gold ,the summer gardens their flowers to deck you,to cover you,to make you more precious .The desire of mens hearts has shed its glory over your youth.You are one half women and one- half dream.

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