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Financial Re-EngineeringImproving Productivity and Quality by Reducing Cycle Time and Cost21st& 22ndFebruary 2016, Dubai

Course OverviewTo improve productivity, reduce cost, minimize production cycle time and ensure quality assurance, one needs toemploy financial re-engineering by redesigning your organization's structure.Therefore, financial professionals should be prepared toequip themselves with the required skillsto identify any financial inefficiency and address it toprevent any unforeseeable risks. This is because the business process of the present day has become so complex thatorganisations are necessarily to be alert to respond to the new challenges and opportunities. This involves a continuous process of managing the change.This course is designed to explain how managers can spot the onset of financial inefficiency and address it before it becomes a chronic issue, and learn how to keep on top of it.Request for Brochure HERE

Why this Event?The two day workshop is designed to illustrate the principles of financial re-engineering with examples and case studies drawn from a variety of industries. This training will allow you to discover the necessary skills required in order for you to efficiently:UNDERSTANDdifferent types of efficiency techniques in financial re-engineeringLEARNhow to maintain financial stabilityRE-EVALUATEcurrent operational structureIMPROVEshort-term & long-term business capital.Learn more about the course HERE

For more information about the course, fees & registration, pleasecontact Shieh Ying hereor at +603 2295 5466.

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Content MarketingThe Success of a Content Marketing Depends On Its Value & Quality28th& 29thFebruary 2016, Dubai

Dear _NAME_,How do you ensure that the content of your marketing are able to generate long-term customers? Do you know thateffective content marketing strategies can aid in building your brand's reputationand your company's image? Are there any new and innovative ideas of marketing that you can implement to ensure that it reaches your target audiences effectively?If you often wonder about these issues, then look no further because this training is tailored to tackle these main issues. Email us to learn MORE

Course Outline Request Course Brochure

Day 1 Day 2

What is Content Marketing? Long Form Content Creation

Preparing Your Organization for Content Marketing Blog Strategy & Creation

Content Planning Content Publishing & Promotion

Content measurement

Early Bird seats promotion ending 28th Januray 2016. ONLY 2 seats left. Register now to avoid disappointments.

For more information about thecourse & registration, pleasecontact Shieh Yingby replying to this email or through +603 2295 5466.

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Hi_NAME_,Transformative Strategic Planning13th & 14th March 2016, Dubai

Due to popular demand, we are providing you the chance to join this training. Plusadditional Early Bird seat discount, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Do you wish to transform your organization into acompetitive organizationthat isstrategically driven, consistentlyoutperforming, andinnovative? Do you want tobecome a transformative leaderwho thinks beyond the annual planning ritual? Do you want to equip yourself with the ability to think not only about the present but alsohave foresight about the future?Request A Brochure

If your answer isYESto all of the above, then this workshop is just what you need. This2 day workshopwill help you to:Strengthenyour collective strategic thinking capabilities

Developpowerful strategic plans

Create leadership at all levels of management in your organization

Generateeffective strategic change

Discover effective tools for preparing your strategic planning process

Elevate your level of strategic information and identification of future challenge

Provide coordination and clarity throughout your organization

You mayclick replyon this email or drop a quick email to Shieh Ying atshiehying.wong@greenforest.com.sgfor more information. Otherwise, you may call +603 2295 5466.

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Team-BuildingMaster Communication Strategies to Build Teams - Even AcrossCultures & Borders24th - 25th April 2016, Dubai

Course OverviewBrochure Request

Team building is the process of deliberately creating an effective team by focusing on those factors that support team performance. Common team building activities focus on clarifying roles and goals; building trust, accountability and commitment; improving or designing processes; supporting the use of healthy team norms to encourage effective communication and conflict resolution; and focusing on leadership behaviors.Thus, this team-building training will focus on more than just one aspect of team-building.At its most comprehensive,team building begins with an assessment process that looks at different areas of team effectivenessand then uses the data to determine the actions. Most commonly, though, team building activities are used as maintenance for an already functioning team.--Early Bird seats released - Register NOW and save USD 200--

Course Learning OutcomeView Course Information

Employees will truly feel that the strategies learned willinspire them to recognizethat Team-Building programs are NOT just more of the same "rah-rah" programs that will soon fade away. Participation and involvement of staff willincrease as they feel the sense of ownership and empowerment Your organization will manage change better andachieve long-lasting interpersonal improvement Management will learn how to break down barriers,improve communications inside and outside of departments and integrate staff

Course FacilitatorView Facilitator's Profile

Gerry T. Kieransis a highly-renowned entrepreneur, educator and is currently theManaging Director of MGT OPEN.What Past Delegates Say:"Appraisal 60 out of 60 possible points.Great info tips. This is one of the best training sessions I have ever been to. Very inspiring trainer."Marketing Executives, PepsiCo Middle East (Dubai, April 2015)"I have attended several seminars with my Sales Team with Gerry Kierans. There was always positive feedback due to his relevant work experience, methodology and humor".DHL Global Sales Director"Mr. Kierans' strategies, and especially his inspiration and creativity, transformed my skills enabling me to connect with my audiences, and my colleagues, much more effectively".Boston Consulting and Executive Board Member, Frankfurt Institute for Risk Management

For more details about thiscourse & registration, pleasecontact Shieh Yingby replying this email or at +603 2295 5466.

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Social MediaMaximizing Benefits & Minimizing Risks in Social Media for Government Agencies18th & 19th May 2016, Dubai

Early Bird Promotion Starts today.Only 5 seats available. First-come-first-serve basis

Dear _NAME_,Course OverviewSocial media is thecollective of online communications channelsdedicated to community-based input, interactions, content sharing and collaborations. Social media is no longer a tool to only be fully utilized by the private sectors. It is no longer an option to those who are responsible for managing social media for the government agency.Governments may not be early adopters but theincrease of social in national media has ramped up its importance for governments around the world.Enough time has passed since politicians and governments are on the defense and now they arestarting to use social media to connect with their communities in new, open ways.Click HERE to Request for a Brochure

Why You Should Attend?

You would be able to: Effectively improve your communication strategy Create quality content Efficiently monitor & respond to online communications Learn how to boost citizen engagement.Click HERE for Trainer's Profile

Day 1: Creating ContentDay 2: Developing Strategy

Session 1: What's working, what's trending and what's next ?Session 5:Key Factors for Developing a Comprehensive Social Media Strategy

Session 2: Creating Content : How to make content creation faster, easier and more effectiveSession 6: Planning your Social Media Content Calendar

Session 3: Repurposing Content : One message, many ways to share it Session 7: Your Social Management Toolbox

Session 4: Planning online eventsSession 8: Moving Beyond Friends, Followers and Likes : How to get authentic engagement and build community online

Early Bird Pormotion Starts today.Only 5 seats available. First-come-first-serve basis

Should you require additional information about thecourse & registration, you maycontact Shieh Ying hereor by +603 2295 5466.

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Service Level Agreements MasterclassImproving your skills at designing, creating, managing & changing terms of your SLA3rd - 4th April 2016, Dubai

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