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  • 1. ELEMENT: PLOT Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe

2. EDGAR ALLAN POE 3. PAIR SHARE ACTIVITY WHAT did you do wrong? WHERE/WHEN did you do it? WHO were the persons involved? WHY did you do it? HOW did you make up for the wrong doing? 4. THE PREVIEW 5. REFLECTION 1. What could drive a person to commit such heinous act? 2. What could have prevented the murder to take place? 6. ACTION: DIALOGUE JACKET Write a DIALOGUE between the OLD MAN and the NARRATOR. Guide Question: How do you think their conversation would go in order to resolve the conflict between them? 7. FORMAT INSIDE (Dialogue 10 lines) Old Man Narrator OUTSIDE (Illustration) Old Man Narrator 8. 1 2 Understands the problem Did not understand enough of the problem to make progress. Completely understood the problem and special factors that influenced the strategy selected. Devises a plan Strategy only leads to solving part of the problem. Strategy worked to solve the problem. Carries out the plan Reasoning was incorrect. A procedure was used that will lead to a correct solution with no errors. Looks back Did not solve the problem correctly. Solved the problem correctly. Illustration Not evident Evident 9. EXPOSITION : introduction of story which includes the characters and setting RISING ACTION: occurs leading up to the climax CLIMAX: the most exciting part of the story FALLING ACTION: after effects of the climax RESOLUTION/DENOUEMENT: conclusion to the story denoer to untie 10. SYNTHESIS: PLOT (DYAD) Map out the plot of the TELL TALE HEART. Use Size 2. a. Exposition b. Rising Action c. Climax d. Falling Action e. Resolution