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Teknologi dan layanan IPTV di Indonesia relatif masih baru, bahkan PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia sebagai pionir layanan telekomunikasi baru mengimplementasikan IPTV pada awal tahun 2011. Presentasi inio akan memberikan wawasan tentang implementasi IPTV. (Oleh John Sihotang)


  • 1. Delivering successful IPTV serviceJOHN SIHOTANG TELECOMMUNICATION PLANNINGSPECIALIST /, 5 Agustus 2010Expertise Empowering Assured Progressive Heart

2. Contents:1 Background 2 The Challenge 3 Benchmark 4 Key Consideration 5 Conclusion Expertise Empowering Assured Progressive Heart 3. Basic IP TV Configuration Telecom OSS/BSSMediator TV Portal TUT Content Processor CASCADEIP MulticastHG STBIPTV MiddlewareIPTV Service and Subscriber Management SystemTV Headend Live TV Provisioning SystemHome NetworkSTB & HG IP CORE DSLAM Bitband Vision Server and Maestro CND management STB BRAS/ESRHG IP UnicastBroadband NetworkCA/DRM SolutionMSANContent protection System VOD/nPVR System VOD/nPVR Provisioning System 4. Contents:1 Background 2 The Challenge 3 Benchmark 4 Key Consideration 5 Conclusion Expertise Empowering Assured Progressive Heart 5. Meeting the IPTV Challenge -Why launch IPTV? Why -Regulatory issues? -Market environment and opportunities? -What service to launch? What -What platform to use? -What business model to choose? -How to develop a content strategy? How -How to source suitable content? -How to implement the technology? -How to market my product? 6. Mengapa IPTV ? Evolusi akses broadband (ADSL2+:25Mbps, VDSL:50Mbps) Kompresi video lebih baik : H.264, MPEG-4, WMV9 Penerimaan Content Production House terhadap advanced DRM technology mulai meningkat Biaya layanan IPTV per-subscriber terus menurun Pendapatan Telco dari voice revenues menurun drastis Video menjadi peluang baru untuk untuk Retain customers Grow ARPU 7. Key Factors Impacting aSuccessful Service Launch Strategy Content Technology components that work Bandwidth/Last mile access A large broadband subscriber base A favourable regulatory environment 8. Key Tools Economic Justification 9. Tantangan Implementasi IPTV Tantangan aspek bisnis Create a better user experience than cable or satellite Becoming entertainment provider - major shift for a telco The television market is an uphill battle - well established entities Get premium content at lower prices than cable or satellite Build trust with studios and publishers Differentiate business model from cable (On demand? Anywhere access?) Set Top Box price require little in- house programming expertise Invest in brand-name channels - to build critical mass and position as a complementary and not substitute service to traditional PayTV In-house content department and capabilities give operators the edge, e.g. self-programmed channels, marketing, licensing and legal expertise Local content/ self-programming for competing with traditional Pay TV operators 17. Key Considerations: TheContent Business 18. Trend in Asia Business Model STB subsidies is common - Free STB to drive service adoption/lower entry barrier => low-cost STBs critical in any deployment A la carte and/or mini-pack subscription model breaks down barriers of huge channel bundle with high monthly fees 19. Pertimbangan Akses (1/3) IPTV untuk residential area IPTV menggunakan Speedy (ADSL 2+ bandwidth s/d 25 Mbps). Bandwidth 8-10 Mbps utk layanan HDTV Panjang/jarak kabel pelanggan (1 km) jika panjang kabel tidak dipenuhi disolusi dg menggunakan remote DSLAM Perangkat modem ADSL minimal memiliki 4 port ethernet dan support multi PVC & port mapping. 20. Technology Aspect 21. Pertimbangan Akses (2/3) IPTV untuk Office Building Menggunakan Metro-Ethernet HRB Metro node di HRB (menggunakan fiber optik) ke pelanggan menggunakan distribution switch (dengan UTP cable standard) Panjang/jarak kabel UTP dari switch ke pelanggan maksimum 100 meter Bandwidth dari Metro-Ethernet ke distribution switch 1 Gbps. Bandwidth tidak ada isu (BW ke pelanggan 100 Mbps/100 FE) Kapasitas maksimum 1 unit distribution switch utk melayani 48 pelanggan Distribution switch support manageable trunking 22. Pertimbangan Akses (3/3) IPTV untuk Apartemen Menggunakan Remote DSLAM/MSAN di dalam Gedung Akses dari Metro-E ke Remote DSLAM/MSAN menggunakan fiber optik dan distribusi ke pelanggan menggunakan kabel tembaga standar (pertimbangan kemdahan instalasi IKG) Panjang/jarak kabel tembaga dari Remote DSLAM hingga 1 km Bandwidth minimal 4-6 Mbps utk SDTV & 8-10 Mbps utk HDTV Perangkat modem ADSL minimal memiliki 4 port ethernet dan support multi PVC & port mapping 23. Pertimbangan Network Network agregator menggunakan Metro Ethernet (bandwidth s/d 10 Gbps). Network element yang digunakan mendukung IGMP untuk multicast. Format video MPEG4/H264. 24. Koneksi IP Koneksi : PPPoE PPPoE ditangani oleh BRAS tersendiri (khusus IPTV) 1 BRAS untuk menangani 1 regional area 25. Market & Marketing Aspect 26. 1IPTV Basic & Free-mium Service Free-UGC WEB PublishingIPTV BASIC SERVICES : tools1.Paketisasi layanan IPTV- HD (DTT) 2.Electronic program guide 3.Channel domestik, LN, Premium IPTVWeb TVBroadcasterand Content Set Top Box/Media centerProvider CONTENT & FREE-MIUM SERVICES : 1. TV Widget: maps, weather, news, traffic, Finance news, gaming , Sosial media & marketing 2. PVR ++: time shift and catch up TV 3. Download music: flat fee 4. Video sharing/UGC:VALUE ADDED SERVICES : 5. Media Center (Broadcast media) 1. Video on demand6. Phone on TV: listen to the answer machine on TV. 2. Web TV access(Seamless & multiscreen) 3. Personal video recorder (PVR) , Time shift 7. PVR Remote programming 4. Application store (music, photo) 8. Multiroom 5. Advertising personalization9. Chatting on-line 6. Electronic program guide 10. Hot Billing 7. Game 27. Fitur Layanan The subscriber has the choice of channel selection and pays only for the channels being subscribed A longer-term plan offers a bigger discount to subscribers For example, the HBO and Cinemax package combo is Rp.85.000 monthly, Rp. 75.000 semi-annually, and Rp 65.000 yearly. A channel subscription plan is available under different terms: monthly, six- monthly and yearly On demand programs are available on a pay per view basis Service is available at virtually no startup cost for subscriber Telkom provides free installation and decoder Set Top Box (STB) for customers who subscribe to broadband service. Customers do not incur any cost to try IPTV-based television service with fifteen free channels included, and there is no monthly service fee Pause, fast forward, and fast backward features are available only for on demand programs Telkom provides a la Carte pricing models that give much flexibility in the channel selection, resulting in a tremendous interest from customers. 28. STP Segmentation Kelas ekonomi A-B Targeting Kelompok Innovators dan early adopters Family Women as endoser Netizen Youth sbg influenzer Premium customer Positioning TV Kualitas Tinggi dengan pengalaman berbeda 29. TV Ads Market Indonesia TV Ads Revenue by TV Station: TPI (projected 2010): 800M MNC (RCTI, SCTV, GlobalTV): 3950M Ad Expenditure Indonesia 2008: All Ad: 2626 US$m TV Ad: 1661 US$m 30. Promosi Tahap I: Free trial ke calon pelanggan terpilih (September-Desember 2010) Tahap II: (Soft ?)Launching (Desember 2010) Tahap III: Retensi Fluktuasi harga (diskon, paket, dll) 31. IPTV as Single product STP = Premium (ekonomi A-B), kualitas tinggi Ada tambahan fitur : Channel High Definition TV on Demand Near VoD VoD Dengan paket setara Pay TV, price lebih tinggi daripada Pay TV namun pada waktu promosi dapat diberi price sama dengan Pay TV 32. IP TV as Bundling Product with Speedy Pertimbangan : Positioning terhadap single product IPTV Positioning terhadap single product Speedy (ND Dir KNS C.Tel. 105/YN 000/COO- C0000000/2010)Nama PaketSpeed Tarif lamaPrice Battle Area Price Non Battle AreaN/A (code name : Paket Lite)128 K N/A Rp 75.000/30 hari N/ARp15.000/5 hariPaket harian, Paket mingguan. 256 K N/A Rp 100.000,-/30 hariRp 100.000,-/30 hariRp 50.000 / 2 weeks Rp 50.000 / 2 weeksRp.20.000/ 5hrRp.20.000/ 5hrN/A (code name : Speedy-Flash) 384 KN/A Akan ditetapkan max 8 Akan ditetapkan max 8Juli 2010 Juli 2010Load512 K Rp 295.000 Rp 195.000 Rp 295.000Familia 1MRp 645.000 Rp 295.000 Rp 645.000Exe 2MRp 995.000 Rp 450.000 Rp 995.000Biz 3M Rp 1.695.000 Rp 650.000Rp 1.695.000Fitur Upgrade Line Speed5M Rp2,010,000Fitur Upgrade Line Speed10 M Rp2,795,000 33. ?Peningkatan level of customer experience Network and service quality Packet loss ration Picture quality Packet Latency Zap time Packet Jitter Control command response time Errored packets STB startup time Out-off-order packets Audio-to-video synchronization Bit error rate delay Loss of frame Authentication Errors Loss of signal Percent error-free seconds Transport performance Broadcast and Video-on-Demand Number of Video Freeze Events Broadcast and Video-on-Demand Number of Skip Events Join and Leave Latency Interchannel Latency Play Response Delay Fast Forward, Pause, and Rewind Response Delay Broadcast and Video-on-Demand Service Quality Index 34. Content Business Process 35. IPTV Content Services Value Chain Business & Content Processes. Production Distribution Delivery ConsumerIPPlanningRights Aggregation License TrackingConsumer MgmtCreativeContracts Wholesale Licensing Consumption TrackingSubscriptions Windowing Strategy Commerci Budgeting Content Retail Delivery,Cost Accounting Wholesale Content alTracking, YieldRelationship Mgmt DistributionPay per-Unit: RentalsAd Usage Capture Ad InsertionAnimation Content StreamingProduction ShootContent ManagementContentXcoding & LibraryPost Production 2010 Oracle Corporation Proprietary and Confidential 36. Contents:1 Background 2 The Challenge 3 Benchmark 4 Key Consideration 5 ConclusionExpertise Empowering Assured Progressive Heart 37. 6 Conclusion Embrace - superior capabilities of IP technologyDesign - a highly flexible platform for quick and easy addition of new services, ne